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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

A CD 7 Campaign Royale 2017 Special Report: "M-Rod's Political Soul Sells Cheap to the NSFV Democratic Machine"

In a CD-7 Campaign Royale 2017 Special Report, its apparent that former Mayor Eric Garcetti-appointed Board of Public Works Vice-President, NOW,  a City Hall Establishment-financed City Council Candidate Monica "M-Rod" Rodriguez, is the new FRESH FACE of the notorious Northeast San Fernando Valley Democratic Machine. 
Witness the Political Initiation/Kissing of the Ring as"M-Rod" become the Fresh Machine Face Replacement for the departed, "FU POLLO FELIPE".
** Blogger's Notes:  Its Official ........., and the voters of CD 7 are on notice, that Mayor Eric Garcetti, the City Hall Establishment, along with the RULING, Northeast San Fernando Valley Democratic Machine, have anointed Monica "M-Rod" Rodriguez as your next City Councilperson.

The former San Fernando High School President and most-recently, a Mayor Garcetti-appointed Board of Public Works Vice-President, will be formally-introduce as the alleged, FRESH FACE, seeking her long-desired, dream of being "Councilwoman M-Rod" ........., but at what cost to SELF and the future of CD-7?  In the latest Ethics Commission Report posted today, "M-Rod" is the leader in garnering Contributions ($213,484) ......, and Matching Funds (maybe with the help of CD-6 Councilwoman Nury Martinez Staff and Relatives, but we digress). In addition to the disclosed Contributions and Matching Funds, a review of the former Board of Public Works Member's CD-7 Community Visitation Calendar, is a reason to ponder whether the, NOW Candidate used her, THEN Full-Time Paid Position, to increase her name cognition in lieu of formally-announcing her Candidacy. That said, we trust the Highly-Informative CD-7 Electorate .........., and the 19 other Candidates will have some commentary on the musings above----Scott Johnson.
....., especially to the notorious Northeast San Fernando Valley Democratic Machine.

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