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Tuesday, October 15, 2019

A LeFraud (James) Momentary Lapse of Social Consciousness

Unlike an aging Los Angeles Lakers LeFraud James and his Fellow Traveling NBA Collectivists, our support of Freedom of Speech is not predicated on preserving the corporate monetary flow from an Evil Regime, responsible for the past Intentional Deaths of Tens of Millions of its Citizens ....... and the current Force Enslavement/Internment of Uighur Muslims.
English Translation of Chinese Lettering: "F$#% (Houston Rockets General Manager) Daryl Morey".
Pro-Freedom Hong Kong Protesters burning a "Chairman LeFraud James Jersey". 
** Blogger's Notes: Please pardon the momentary bloggin foray into Sports Commentary but as a Clippers Fan, I would be remiss in not opining on the latest, uneducated mutterings, via aging LA Lakers Stuporstar LeFraud James.
The last time we saw LeFraud on the basketball court, he was having "documented defensive issues" as the once "Showtime Lakers" continue their devolution into its current LA Faders incarnation that prompted Mayor Eric Gar-SOBBing to proclaim Los Angeles ..........., a Clippers Town.
That stated, count us not surprise regarding the backlash to LeFraud's attempt to play defense for the NBA's China/Hong Kong Misadventures in Hypocrisy.
To the likes of James Harden, Steph Curry, Steve Kerr and LeFraud, Free Speech is convenient when engaging in the branding of self-serving interests, then morphs into blasphemy when it conflicts with the desired material outcome  
It would be easy to dismiss LeFraud's latest Failed Attempt at Defense, considering that Communist China History was most likely, not of paramount concern in Ninth Grade World History Class back in Ohio (and increasingly in our Nation's Public Schools). 
But the aspiring Social Activist (and Businessman), is still at fault for his obvious disdain for the cruel facts regarding the continuing Communist Chinese oppression of Hong Kong and its population as a whole. 
More egregious is the fact that the NBA seeks monetary riches in a godless-country that has persecuted Christians, followers of Tibet's Dali Lama and is seeking to erase all semblances of Muslim Uighurs Culture
If LeFraud was true to his commitment of Social Justice, he would take the offense in condemning Communist China's persecution of Muslims, considering the heritage of the NBA's openness in accepting Muslim Followers, such as former Laker Great, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (the formerly Lew Alcinder) and current Turkish Player Enes Kanter ........., but until then, LeFraud continues to get burn on defense, again----Scott Johnson.

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