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Thursday, September 19, 2019

Post President Trump Los Angeles Visit Morning Briefs for Thursday

 As President Donald Trump returns to Washington D.C. after a very-successful Campaign Fundraising Visit to Los Angeles, HUD Secretary Ben Carson holds Los Angeles (and Calizuela) accountable for "Not being on Top of It's Homeless Crisis", as local leaders ask the Federal Government to "Show Us the Money (and let us waste it, again??)"
President Donald Trump's HUD Secretary Ben Carson in Downtown L.A.
CD-15 City Councilman Joe Buscaino's Communications Director Branimir Kvarluc.
** Blogger's Notes: Memo to CD-15 City Councilman "Average Joe" Buscaino, your Communications Director needs a Tutorial on the "Art of Fiscal Pandering (without Accountability)". 

As the supposed "Average Joe" of the Los Angeles City Clowncil Committee, we sincerely hope that the former Republican (and still LAPD Reserve Officer), has not vacated his commitment to accountability in Public Service ........., especially in the discharge of Taxpayer's funding. 
That stated, we are having a bloggin, vexing moment in containing our cyber-amusement regarding your longtime Communications Director Branimir Kvarluc's substance-lacking, keyboard bravado, directed at the President Donald Trump Administration.
   Was Tom Cruise's Character in "Jerry McGuire", the inspiration for Branimir's "Show Us The Money Bravado"??
Unlike some of his City Clowncil Central Committee Colleagues, the CD-15 Average Joe Officeholder takes pride in his superb usage of Social Media to communicate with his lifelong constituents, with Kvarluc deserving credit for promoting the branding of his boss.
But pardon us as we channel the mindset of our friend Downtown News Editor (and human Movie Repository) Jon Regardie, as we ponder whether Tom Cruise's Jerry Mcguire Character (as seen in the video above), was the inspiration for Kvarluc's much-linked, Keyboard Bravado?
Regardless of origin, Kvarluc's choice of words, were mere hollow letters, devoid of substance, as President Donald Trump's HUD Secretary Ben Carson smacked down Los Angeles (and Calizuela's) bid for addition Federal Tender.
Respectfully, we find it laughable that ANY Los Angeles/Calizuela Official (or their Keyboard/Mouthpiece) would have the audacity to state "Were on it. Show us the Money", considering the documented causes that have turned many sections of the Homeless Population Capital of Calizuela, into Typhoid/Leprosy Growth Zones.
The Average Joe's Comms Director (along with Mayor Gar-SOBBing and the City Clowncil Central Committee) might find a better usage of keyboard time, to showcase actual accountability in the dispensation of local funding via Measure HHH, before seeking more Federal Funding, considering that the current Huizar/City Hall FBI Investigation, includes the awarding of Homeless Bond Money. 
One last thought, it may help when seeking help from the current Presidential Administration, that those among the Los Angeles/Calizuela One Party Establishment, may want to refrain from holding the President (and the Constitution) in contempt .........., or continue to be exposed for the current cultural/health/ethical devolution of a formerly "Golden State"----Scott Johnson.

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