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Thursday, June 20, 2019

Recalling a ......... "Gar-SOBB-ing Mayoral Failure 2.0"

The growing pile of recent policy, election and personal setbacks associated with a Rhodes Scholar, turned Politico in Crisis, has reached a tipping point where it time to Recall a "Gar-SOBB-ing Mayoral Failure 2.0".
A Gar-SOBB-ing Mayoral Failure 2.0
** Blogger's Notes: Please pardon the bloggin pause the last few weeks as we transition to life without a loving mother ............. That said, Mom would be proud of her son for making this follow confession ......., I voted for a "Gar-SOBB-ing Mayoral Failure 2.0". 
Six years later, the supposed "City of Angels (or those remaining who have not left due to rising cost of heavenly lofts)", is thriving to become a Third World-like, "Caracas, Calizuela on the Pacific", thanks to the Digressive Leadership of a Mayor (with delusional Presidential aspirations)
Since his victory over Greuel, followed by an overwhelming, successful Re-election Campaign, voter frustration against the current Mayoral Officeholder, was slowed to rise, but then the rising Homeless masses migrated away from Skid Row ........., and a smoldering crisis exploded.
Fueled in part by legislation such as AB-109, Prop 47, Prop 57, mixed with a corrupt City Hall embrace of Crony Capitalism Dealings with Developers, Mayor Gar-SOBB-ing (and his Calizuela One Party-ruling Democratic Party enablers), were/are responsible for spreading a toxic health crisis, city-wide.
In response, Mayor Gar-SOBB-ing garnered the needed voter support to pass Measure HHH, that was suppose to combat the crisis by building Permanent Housing/Supported Services ........., but as the mystical J.J. Gittis (and a growing number of actual Angelinos) knows too well, the current Administration in control at 200 Spring Street ........., is a continuation of an unethical "Chinatown". 
Now forwarding to a post Measure EE Election Debacle Press Conference, a once Rhodes Scholar, now a Politico in Crisis, is reduced to SOBBING (and threatening his opponents), in pondering why a majority of voters would fail to support his tired mantra of seeking increased revenues (taxes) to finance a scheme to save LAUSD ............, merited/supporting an audacious response (led by David Hernandez and others), that would grant the "Gar-SOBB-ing Mayoral Failure 2.0", quality time to RECALL his political failings----Scott Johnson. 
Mayor Gar-SOBB-ing knows the benefits of profiting off a communal crisis.
The Rats continue to run wild under Mayor Eric Gar-SOBB-ing.

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