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Friday, March 29, 2019

Its Deposition Spring Time in CD-14!!

A perma-deluge of corrupt political behavior in CD-14, is responsible for a pending litigious "Super Bloom of Depositions", as lawsuits targeting embattled City Councilman Jose Huizar move forward with discovery ..........., of some inconvenient, intimate truths?
Congratulations ..........., to those taking a stand against unethical behavior.
** Blogger's Notes: On this beautiful Friday afternoon with Spring's Super Blooms abounds, Mayor Sam would be remiss if we fail to share a pending uber-bloom of a litigious nature. With credit to the Twitter Account of Michael Kohlhaas Dot Org, discerning political observers can look forward to a prolong Spring Bloom of Dispositions as Workplace Lawsuits against CD-14 City Councilman Jose Huizar move forward.
Pauline Medina is 1 of 2 former staff suing for on-the-job creepism. She recently filed tentative deposition sched: Apr 2019 Lillie GrossMay 2019 Paul HabibAug 2019 Jose Huizar Like Jesus, Medina is saving the best for last!

With respects to the fine folks at Michael Kohlhaas, we opine that the most revealing of the depositions, will be the alleged, intimate responses that are uttered by former CD-14 Staffer (and Parke Skelton God Daughter) Lilie Gross, when placed under Oath.

Unlike former Staffers Pauline Medina, Myra Alvarez and George Esparza, Gross has remain silent since her June 2017 departure from CD-14. As noted in the legal filings of Medina and Alvarez, its alleged that someone on Huizar's Staff had supplanted former Deputy Chief of Staff Francine Godoy, as Councilman Huizar's Paramour.

Thus, it should come as now surprise if Gross is ask if she has any intimate knowledge on who that person is ........., setting the stage for some inconvenient truths----Scott Johnson.   
What intimate workplace details will former CD-14 Staffer (and Parke Skelton's God Daughter) Lilie Gross give witness to in her April Deposition?
Note Deposition Schedule in the ex Huizar Staffer Pauline Medina Lawsuit.

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