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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

A Bloggin Spring of Renewal (and Resistance) to Counter the Dark Winter of Journalistic Collusion

In the aftermath of personal lost, mixed with a harsh winter of factually-challenged Journalistic Collusion, now is the time for a Bloggin Spring Renewal (and Resistance) to counter an increasingly autocratic, One Party Governance in Los Angeles, Calizuela ......... and beyond.   
Another Spring Super Bloom in Perma-drought Calizuela.
** Blogger's Notes (and appreciation): This blogger would be remissed in not expressing profound gratitude to the many who expressed their support during the last days of my Mother's Life. 
During decades of living, Mom would begin each day by soiling her fingers in newsprint, via a hard copy of the ever-thinning Los Angeles Times (now relocated to El Segundo). 
Being a Kansas-born New Deal Democrat who witness, (along with experiencing) the suffering during the Great Depression, she readily found solidarity in her "Print Sister's" story content and collectivist commentary (while sending numerous letters to the editors regarding the soiling nature of their printing ink, but I digress). 
During my youth, an additional quarter would purchase the Hearst Family-owned Herald-Examiner, which offered an alternative (and easier on the fingers) perspective, that set in motion my discerning cynicism of the Time's supposed status as the "Fishwrap of Record" regarding its dispensation of factual news coverage on the local Political (Democratic) Establishment.
Gladly, those youthful lessons in discerning comprehension, along with initial exposures to the musings of Bill Safire and William Buckley (among others), were instrumental in evolving a contrary mindset/reasoning to confront a rigid, conforming ideology.
Now almost twenty years into the 21st Century, those youthful lessons are vital as California devolves into a One Party-governed "Calizuela" ..........., with the help of information-controlling media entities such as the LA Times. 
As witness with the National Disgrace that was the Main Stream Media's factually-lacking regurgitation of Trump/Russian Collusion falsehoods (while engaging in journalistic malpractice by not actively investigating FBI/DOJ misconduct), graduates and future students of journalism institutions from Columbia, Northwestern to J-1 Classes at East Los Angeles College, need to embrace an intervention, rooted in a "Socratic Method" of discerning story content .........., devoid of an ideological bias. 
Contrary to the mindset of the LA Times Editorial Board (and News Editors), issues such as Climate Change, Immigration, Police Misconduct, Racism, Political Corruption ......., and yes, the supposed "Dishonest" President Donald Trump, need to respect contrary findings/opinions, rooted in facts. 
That stated, we will not waste anytime in awaiting a "newsroom re-awakening (in El Segundo)" and instead, embrace a Spring of Bloggin Renewal, that will hopefully become a 21st Century Version of a contrary-discerning Herald Examiner----Scott Johnson.
The Wreckage of Agenda Journalism on Spring Street.
Via the New York Post: Just some of the cast of many who were wrong on Trump/Russian Collusion.


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