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Monday, January 07, 2019

Its Bloggin Back to Work Monday, 2019!!

We're Back!! With absolutely no apologies to the likes of our former bloggin colleague "MEAT (aka. Michael Trujillo)", we return from our self-imposed cyber-sequester to undertake a new year of expanding coverage, dedicated to exposing the policy, cultural and personal outrages of the corrupt factions, that constitute the Los Angeles (and Calizuela-controlling) Democratic Party.    
 Please refrain from reminding "MEAT" of his days as a "Minority Owner" of Ralph Verdugo's LA Brewing Company on Broadway, in Downtown LA.
** Blogger's Notes: Happy Bloggin New Year 2019!! 
After nearly a decade of cyber-musings on the various politicos, neighborhood wannabees, sanchas and supposed journalists (in reality propagandists), we must be honest with ourselves in disclosing our respective adopting of mannerisms, originating from subjects of interest.
For example, discerning observers could opine that since mid-December, this writer has become a "Bloggin Huevon", kinda like a certain "Princeton Graduate Charro", who allegedly vacated his residing CD-14 Council District (for now), to spend quality time at his Pedley or Zacatecas, Mexico Rancho. Thus, granting us time for a brief cyber slumber.
But with the Christmas/New Year Holidays behind us, the first work Monday of 2019 will kick start an intensive year of diverse, political cyber coverage ..........., and change.
As witness with this afternoon's Breaking News regarding the latest questionable death at the West Hollywood Home of Calizuela Pervycrat Financier Ed Buck, the weeks, months and year of 2019, will provide a bountiful cyber-harvest of bloggin topics within ........., and outside the boundaries of our normal 200 N. Spring Street-based epicenter of coverage. 
While its a given that this blog's core mission will continue, the fifteenth year of Mayor Sam's contribution to the Cause of Openness and Transparency, in an increasingly autocratic City/County of LA, within a One Party Junta-controlling Calizuela .......... is the appropriate time for needed growth.
With a devolving vacume of agenda journalism, upsetting the balance of a once bountiful and robust depository of objective news coverage in Los Angeles, its paramount that we prioritize the reporting of hard news ........., that engenders an informative dialog on the issues of governess, in the respective jurisdictions of note. 
In the weeks ahead, we will be moving forward with our new "Mayor Sam Sister Cities News Group" that partners with Open Government and News Advocates, in promoting the free flow of information within communities devoid of objective reporting. 
The latter part of 2018 was productive for Mayor Sam, in growing our cyber audience in municipalities such as Montebello, Commerce and Southeast LA County, as we strive to counter the much-reviled Hews Media Group .........., and an absentee "Old Gray Goose-stepper formerly on Spring Street (aka the now El Segundo Times)".   
Indeed, 2019 promises to be a trans-formative year for Michael Higby's cyber-creation and as we progress deeper into an exciting future .........., rest assure that our mission will remain the continuing empowerment of those seeking to be truthfully informed----Scott Johnson. 

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