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Thursday, January 10, 2019

A Mayor Sam Rollout of Bloggin Weekly News Features for 2019

With no apologies to CD-5 City Councilman Paul "Nanny Spud" Koretz, the Mayor Sam Blog is proud to present its All Meat Menu of Weekly News Features, that drips "Red" with substance and slices into fat of inconvenience facts regarding those meriting bloggin interest. 
Replacing a Night on Broadway, Mayor Sam presents ......... 
** Blogger's Notes: Our recent bloggin sabbatical gave us time to reflect on the freshness of our cyber content as we pride our self on not becoming afflicted with keyboarding tired repetitive content. That stated, there is so much content that merits sharing with our audience in the interest of empowering and dialog .......... and action when warranted. As we target growing our audience while remaining true to our 200 Spring Street-centric Core Mission in 2019, it time to present (with inspiration via CD 5 City Councilman Paul "Nanny Spud" Koretz) our Bloggin Menu of Meaty Weekly News Features, which will leave a Cyber Bigfoot Print of Inconvenient Substance, regarding the subjects of merit. Please not that our Daily Morning Briefs will continue-----Scott Johnson. 
1. Hot Meaty Briefs (featuring assorted Potato Heads) on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Monday: We strive to begin each work week with the latest scoops, news and speculation, focusing exclusively on content originating from within 200 Spring Street and Downtown LA-based public entities.
The reigning Nanny Spud.

2. Ask a Fake News/Propagandist Muckraker ....... featuring Brian Hews (Saturdays): Back by popular demand is our weekly channeling session with Southeast LA County's Hews Media Group's Namesake Muckraker/Fake News-peddling/Propagandist for the Chacon Political Family (allegedly). Please note that Brian's colorful vocabulary is not fit for those prone to instant indignation.
Note that Brian is "Disposed" to documented episodes of Journalistic Embellishment.
3. Thursday Outtakes from CD-14: 2019 will provide ample content origination from the pending trials and revelations involving the embattled Princeton Graduate Officeholder and his #Richellary2020 Ex Candidate Spouse. We should note that Outtakes was a regular feature back when this pictured below, El Sereno Home (for sale) was in need of refurbishment. 
  Liquidating Assets for Pending Legal Proceedings.
4. Bloggin Briefs from the Southeast LA Cauldron of Corruption: With Ron and Tom Calderon enjoying Club Fed, we launch our new weekly feature meant to fill the vacuum of objective journalism that has befallen Southeast LA with the demise of the Eastern Group Publications. Garnering attention will be new State Senator Bob Archuleta and his cast of crony refugees from political follies past.
South Gate's Albert Robles The Poster Politico of Southeast LA Corruption.  

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