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Friday, November 02, 2018

The Friday-before Briefs on the LA (and beyond) Elections Proceedings

On the Friday-before the November Mid-term Elections in California, the numerous sub-factions within the Ruling Democratic Party, are locally, engaging in nasty intramural political skirmishes, that opens opportunities for a Republican/Independent Surprise (or more) on Election Day
The Official Friday-before Election Greeter Michael "MEAT" Trujillo.
** Blogger's Notes: Finally, its thee Friday-before the much anticipated 2018 Mid-term Elections where the manic masses of the Trump Derangement Syndrome-afflicted (with Voter Guides provided by the Fake News Media), are suppose to ride a Blue Political Tsunami across the Nation, as Big Government Order .........., is supposedly-imposed, again in the Swamp-like Washington D.C.

From behind the Blue Curtain, that defines the boundaries of the Sanctuary State bestowed as "Cali-zuela on the Pacific", the true resisters can only watch as the Sacramento-controlled Democratic Junta seeks to gain control (via Larry Lopez-patented Voter Creation methods?) over the remaining Republican Enclaves ......, and use false verbiage to defeat the gas tax/vehicle fee-revoking Prop 6
But despite the TDS-inspired predictions and disinformation via the Local Print, Fake News Media Dispenser (recently relocated to El Segundo), locally-embedded resisters can find solace in the reality that the Left Wing Rage targeting the 51%-approved (as of today) President Donald Trump, is usurped by the internal vitriol that afflicts the various factions of the Cali-zuela Democratic Political Machine.
Thus on Election Day (as exampled below), local resisters can be instruments of disunity, in exploiting the communal differences within the Democratic Factions ............, in the hope of doing our part in Making California Great, Again-----Scott Johnson.   
  The San Gabriel Valley 22nd State Senate District Campaign between Michael Eng and Susan Ribio, has gone uber-negative with the repugnant Hit Piece (with connections to Michael Trujillo?), that grossly-targets the Democratic Establishment-back Candidate. 
What Southeast Los Angeles Municipality allows its City Attorney (in the form of the infamous Arnold Alvarez-Glassman) to take control over the open and transparent dispensation of City Council Campaign 460 Firms, then allegedly, grants special access to the designated Fake News/Propagandist for the Chacon/Beltran Political Machine (Brian Hews) ........., that results in a Negative Story targeting Candidate Kimberly Cobos?   
Every Los Angeles City Clowncil Central Committee Dictator (as exampled currently by Herman "Mini Amin" Wesson) needs a Communal Collectivist Repository/Bank (via Charter Amendment B), that funds the his desired Legacy Projects, Non-Profit Organizations and of course, Wedding Festivities for Offsprings (naught according to the Downtown News Editorial).  
The Northeast Democrats and the East Area Progressives are .........., proud, not to partner with, support, or endorse in anyway, "Tacos with K.A. Leon" as the Termed-out State Senator and forlorn U.S, Senator Challenger plays out a Narcissist Exercise of Politico Egotism.  

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