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Sunday, November 04, 2018

Councilman Barajas Espouses Tax Increases to Maintain his "Perrin-ing Enrichment"?

Reelection-seeking Montebello City Councilman Art Barajas wants to raise Municipal Taxes that would allegedly, continually-finance his (and Wise Guys Big Band) years-long Enrichment, via continuous, free usage of city facilities .........., and copious "Acts of Perrin-ing" by the City Council-selected, Quiet Cannon Management Group.   
The Wise Guys Big Band-conducting (and current Montebello City Councilman) Art Barajas, during rehearsal, withing a city facility.  
** Blogger's Notes: Reelecting-seeking Montebello City Councilman Art Barajas wants to raise the taxes of his constituents ......... for what reason?
A municipality that is a subject of state fiscal oversight (due to past issues of Crony Capitalism), should face discerning (mixed with cynical) questioning, when the likes of Councilman Barajas is the one espousing tax increases, especially when he has benefited financially (allegedly).
Discerning outsiders, given their first glimpse into the Montebello Brand of Backroom Crony Capitalism, that has a once proud, Middle Class Suburban Enclave, facing an ethically (and fiscally)-bankrupt reckoning, will surely recoil at the possibility that a "Perrin-ing Enrichment Arraignment (that has existed for decades)" ........., can somehow continue due to an ill-informed Electorate. 
Bluntly, Councilman Barajas is part of a decades-long affliction in which a "Select-few (as exampled by the like of Hank Attina, TELACU, the Calderons and Arnold Alvarez-Glassman), has nearly drained the Montebello's Fiscal Assets, as the "Next Generation of Enablers" await a Green Mother Lode, that will only add to the fiscal and ethical suffering ........ unless the Electorate makes the right decisions on Tuesday----Scott Johnson.

Brad Perrin of the Quiet Cannon Management Group.
A Montebello-own Facility, marketing a current City Councilman's source of "Perrin-ing Enrichment". 
Should "Turnaround-fundraising" help defer the cost of "Wise Guys" usage of Public Facilities?
"A Perrin-ing Promotion" benefiting a Political Supporter? 
"A Perrin-ing Promotion" that enriched a sitting Councilman? 
"A Perrin-ing Promotion" that merits ethical oversight?
A legally-questionable usage of city properties by Montebello City Councilman Art Barajas?

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