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Monday, October 29, 2018

A Mayor Sam Bloggin Series: "The Crony (and Self) Enriching Proclivities of Montebello's Councilman Art Barajas".

As a Bloggin Public Service to the City of Montebello Populace, we commence our multi-part Series that discloses, the Crony (and Self) Enriching Proclivities of Montebello City Councilman Art Barajas ......., as he (along with political friends) seek to continue the Municipality's ethical and fiscally-adverse Crony Capitalism ........., for a selected few.
 Chacon/Beltran Political Machine Associate Bob Archuleta swears-in Al Barajas to Montebello's City Council. 
** Blogger's Notes: With eight days before next Tuesday's 2018 Mid-terms, the Mayor Sam Blog commences a Multi-Part Series that discloses, the Crony (and Self) Enriching Proclivities of Montebello City Councilman Art Barajas.

From his civic roots as the Front Man for the "Wise Guys Big Band (a regular performing act at the City of Montebello-owned Quiet Cannon Establishment)", the now reelection-seeking City Councilman, has become a Political-Conducting Enabler, who continues to enrich himself via questionable, non-reimbursed use of the Municipal Infrastructure (for 18 years) ........, while using his City Council Vote to benefit supporters with Crony Capitalist Largess
In the days ahead as a Public Service to the Montebello Electorate, we will share the immense documentation chronicling disturbing evidence of Councilman Barajas's blatant abuse of his Councilmatic Authority, that is given witness via his questionable usage of the City Emblem on the business card pictured below. 
Further, we will disclose the questionable ethics, along with very possible Campaign Finance Violations, being committed by those who want to remain among the "Select Few", benefiting from Councilman Barajas (and ally Councilman Jack Hadjinian's) Crony Capitalist Schemes.
But most paramount, is exposing the dire future that awaits Montebello if Councilman Barajas, is granted another Four Years of .........., Crony (and Self) Enrichment------Scott Johnson. 
Mixing Official City Oversight Responsibilities with Self-Enriching Pleasures.  

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