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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

#Richellary2020's Pre-Halloween Campaign Treats for (future) Political Tricks Event, hosted by the Ghouls and Miscreants of Southeast LA Politics

On the eve of Halloween 2018 (and another Legal Notice directed to "Team Huizar"?), the reigning #MeToo Enabler of CD-14 will be the recipient of "Campaign Treats", in return for later "Political Tricks", as the Who's Who of Southeast Los Angeles Bad Boy Politics, become the latest to support #Richellary2020. 
The #Richellery2020 Campaign's #MeToo Enabler (with sign).
** Blogger's Notes: On the eve of Halloween 2018 (and another Legal Notice directed at a certain Princeton Graduate?), the #Richellary2020 Campaign dons its best #MeToo Enabler Costume (more like everyday wear) as the Who's Who of Southeast LA Bad Boys Politics, coalesce as the Shake Down Crew, that fills the Team Huizar's Money Bag with Campaign Treats ........., for future Political Tricks.
A quick review of the Host Committee's List of Ghouls and Miscreants, reinforces the appropriate costume choice of #Richellary2020 as exampled by the likes of .........

Father (David) and Son (Michael) Lizzaraga of the infamous TELACU Construction Non-Profit: The #Richellery2020 Household is only one phone call away for any needed roofing work ......... in exchange for future public contract consideration.    
Former State Senator Richard Polanco (with Mijo "Oracle Ricky"?): Unlike, now Assemblywoman Wendy Carrillo, #Richellary2020 does not give a crap if a former State Senator, who impregnated a former staffer (and placed her on the Office Pay Roll), returns her "Political Tricks for Campaign Treats Greetings", with the anticipated tribute .........., before running off to compare "pending Staffer Chisme" with the Princeton Graduate Husband. 
Art Gastelum, President of Gateway Science and Engineering: A 2003 LA Times Steve Lopez Column (and more recent Mayor Sam Missive) on the alleged "Gastelway Way" of securing government work. 
Former CD-1 City Councilman Mike Hernandez: An Ex. CD-1 City Councilman ......... with a past. 
Ernest Camacho of Pacifica Services: The Workplace Conduct of Pacifica Services (while under contract with the Central Basin Water District), is on par with a certain (and now litigious) CD-14 City Hall Office, where inappropriate, unethical and illegal conduct was/still the norm ........., awaiting another damning Legal Filing?----Scott Johnson.
The High Cost for Campaign Treats to #Richellary2020.
 Meanwhile ........., will the Husband of #Richellary2020 be the recipient of another "Legal Filing" this week?
The Mayra Alvarez Legal Complaint Cover Page.

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