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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Meet The Crony Capitalist Perrin Supporter of Councilman Art Barajas

Longtime Quiet Cannon/Hotel Management Crony Capitalist Brad Perrin (like Daddy Dave) continues the decades-old "Perrin-ing Way of Contributing (and Enriching)" political supporters such as City Councilman Art Barajas ........., while the Montebello Electorate pays for the losses of Backroom Dealings, gone wrong.
The City of Montebello-owned Quiet Cannon Club/Banquet Facility.
** Blogger's Notes: In Part Two of our Mayor Sam Series on the "Crony (and Self) Enrichment Proclivities of (reelection-seeking) Montebello City Councilman Art Barajas, we introduce you to the Big Band-fronting Officeholder's Crony Capitalist-beneficiary Brad Perrin (aka. "Son of Dave"). 
With less than a week remaining before Election Day, the "Mijo of Dave" is continuing the longtime Crony Capitalist Perrin Family Tradition of Contributing to the Reelection of their City Council Enablers (and Enriching Them) after success at the Ballot Box .........., as exampled by Councilman Barajas.
In the current 2018 Election Cycle, the Perrin's assorted LLCs have donated to the Independent Expenditure (IE) Committee "Working Families CA (as disclosed below)" and in returned, the IE Committee has spent $30,000 plus, for a mailer and "canvassers (via a mythical, Menifee Public Relations Firm)" ..........., to re-elect Councilman Barajas.
The Perrin's Montebello Crony Capitalist Management Largess, has grown in recent weeks, with the opening of a second, city-owned Hotel, that city leaders hope infuses the General Fund with much-needed revenue, which is not a fiscal-sinkhole, that only benefits the Crony Capitalist Few ........., and continuously enriches a Big Band-fronting, City Council Enabler (to be continue)----Scott Johnson.  
Quiet Cannon/Hotel Management Crony Capitalist Brad Perrin.

Brad Perrin's assorted LLCs.
Brad Perrin's (and controlled, assorted LLCs) donations to "Working Families CA" IE Committee, to re-elect Councilman Art Barajas. 
"Working Families CA" financing "Canvassers" to support the re-election of  "Glassman/Beltran/Chacon Machine" Enabler, Art Barajas.
........., and if re-elected, the Big Band-fronting City Councilman will be enriched further, via "Perrin-ing".

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