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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Downtown News Jon Reardie's "City Hall-oeen XI"

Its Happy Halloween 2018 and a bloggin tradition continues as we partake in Downtown News Editor (and Scribe of Wit) Jon Regardie's "City Hall-oween (the XI Edition) Parody", featuring the like of "Fifelander", "The Tonto Huevon", "Mayor Gone-SOFT-ee", "Mini-Amin Wesson" ........., and of course, #Richellary2020.
From the Downtown News City Hall-oween XI Missive. 
#Richellary2020 and fellow #MeToo Enablers.
** Blogger's Notes: Its the day after the #Richellary2020 (and Husband/Developers Paramour Charro's) "Campaign Treats for Political Tricks Shake Down", as the rest of us in the political know, partake in the annual review of the much-anticipated "City Hall-oween (XI Edition) Missive", via Downtown News Editor and Scribe of Wit Jon Regardie

Each year, Regardie has regaled us with scary tales of Clowncil Ghouls and Mayoral Poltergeists (with bleach white teeth), rummaging the halls within 200 Spring Street, that is a perverted reality in a certain Council District noted below. 
Saving This Seat: You race around a corner, out of breath. You see a door cracked open, and inside is a throne. You approach, but a man blocks your path. “I’m saving this seat for my wife,” he says. You look perplexed — this is a public building, so you try to step around him. He puts an arm out. “This isn’t for you,” he intones in a stern voice. “I’m holding it for my wife.” The throne looks plush and offers a great view. You think you could be comfortable in it, possibly for years. You try again to reach it, but he’s working hard to keep you out. “I SAID I’M SAVING THIS FOR MY WIFE! GO FIND ANOTHER SEAT!” You glimpse a sign over the throne reading “14th District,” and you realize what’s happening: It’s City Councilman José Huizar, and this is his council seat, and he’s trying to save it for his wife #Richellery2020 who is running to replace him in 2020. “NOT YOU!!!!” he screams, and at this a cascade of supporters race in and stand behind him, and quickly use dollar bills to build a tall barrier between you and the 14th District seat. Dejected, you leave.

BTW, we ponder if a "Special Legal Brief Treat" will be deposited in the otherwise, money bag, of "Team Huizar" today??-----Scott Johnson.

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