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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

A Rare Opportunity to "Ask a CD-14 Officeholder about ........, about Multiple Claims of Workplace Misconduct".

The Arroyo Seco Neighborhood Council's Monterey Hills Local Issues Committee presents a planned, Rare Chance/Opportunity to "Ask a CD-14 Officeholder (and Council Candidate Wife?) about Issues ........ pertaining to Multiple Claims of Workplace Misconduct (or maybe not?)"  
Will embattled CD-14 City Councilman Jose Huizar (with Candidate Wife) follow-through on his/her planned (in advance) ASNC Monterey Hills Meet and Greet? 
** Blogger's Notes: For the Love of Political Timing.
Just two days after the disclosure of the Third Claim of Workplace Misconduct against CD-14 City Councilman Jose Huizar, the ASNC Monterey Hills Local Issues Committee, in cooperation with the MICRO-managed Staff of "Team Huizar (comprised of Jose and #Richellary2020)", present Stakeholders the Rare Opportunity/Chance to .........., "Ask a CD-14 Officeholder (and Candidate Wife?) about "Issues".

As a bloggin Public Service (in solidarity with the still mystical #MeToo Movement CD-14 Chapter), we present Cut and Paste Excerpts from the Formal Complaint of former Staffer Mayra Alvarez, in the hope that Stakeholders (and especially the very real #MeToo Enablers of CD-14, some named below), will take advantage of a Rare Opportunity (normally prioritize for Developers/Special Interests) to engage in what will be ........., as always, a choreographed dialog (Disclaimer: if Jose and Candidate Wife decide to show)-----Scott Johnson. 
** For Monterey Hills Neighbor (and Hermon Activist) Wendi Riser ............, Mrs. Alvarez endured a tremendous amount of angst and stress on account of her employment with Huizar. For instance, while staffing Huizar at an event in 2014, his brother groped Mrs. Alvarez by grabbing her butt in front of dozens of onlookers—Huizar among them. She was violated and humiliated. Mrs. Alvarez wanted to report the incident, but did not want to jeopardize her job or standing with Huizar, nor suffer any retaliation. And Huizar lobbied Mrs. Alvarez to keep the matter quiet, since it might negatively impact the public’s perception of him. So she did. 
** For El Sereno Bicentennial Committee Parade Organizer (and former Huizar Staffer) Genny Guerrero .........., In or about this same time, February 2017, Mrs. Alvarez became aware that Huizar was engaged in another extramarital affair with a City staffer. This caused friction in the office because many staffers, Mrs. Alvarez among them, believed that Huizar’s mistress received more favorable treatment from him with respect to assignments and more leniency with respect to deadlines and attendance. Moreover, Huizar would tell certain male staffers that they could not work with his mistress, which constrained their ability to take on projects for which they would otherwise be responsible and eager to execute. 
** For Boyle Heights Activist and former LAPD Hollenbeck Division CPAB Co-chair Mago Amador .............., Mrs. Alvarez graduated from high school in June 2012, but was soon approached by Godoy with another job offer. In or about July 2012, Godoy offered Mrs. Alvarez a position to help plan the events surrounding the unveiling of the statute of Antonio Aguilar statute at El Pueblo de Los Angeles Historical Monument, which she accepted. Mrs. Alvarez worked closely with Godoy for several months, even sharing office space with her, and was aware of Huizar’s extramarital affair with her.
** For Highland Park Business Owner Yolanda Nogueira .........., One day, in October 2017, Huizar even threw a heavy 4-inch binder at Mrs.Alvarez. Huizar had returned from a City Council meeting and was complaining that Mrs. Alvarez was purportedly late in bringing his scheduling request binder (and hot tea) down to him in chambers. So, Huizar walked past Mrs. Alvarez’s desk and barked, “Next time, have my book down to me on time!”—and then threw the binder at Mrs. Alvarez and hit her in the chest with it. Two other senior staffers witnessed the incident and, like Mrs. Alvarez, were appalled by Huizar’s behavior.
The Charter Founders (of the CD-14 and National respective) Chapters of the #MeToo Enablers (with Uber-Political Aspirations). Who will be the Selfless Leaders of a true #MeToo Movement in CD-14?

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