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Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Bloggin Deadline Briefs on the Los Angeles (and Beyond) Political Machine for Tuesday

Its Deadline Day for Candidates who sought/were seeking State Office, to report their updated Campaign 460 Forms ...., and its apparent that certain candidates (along with associates) are attempting to wash themselves of inconvenient fiscal arraignments ........., that may merit future Official (FPPC) Review. 
Whoops!! Are Ivan Altamirano and Bob Archuleta EXPOSING my ......., "Free Advertising for supporting the Chacon Political Agenda Scheme"?
** Blogger's Notes: Its Deadline Day in California!! Specifically, today marks the latest deadline for Candidates seeking State Office to submit Campaign Finance 460 Forms to the Secretary of State Office .......... and judging from the reports submitted by trounced, failed 58th Assembly District Candidate Commerce City Councilman Ivan Altamirano, possible next 32nd State Senate District Officeholder Bob Archuleta........, and lack of from 39th AD Candidate Luz Rivas, the Fair Political Practices Commission should start allocating future investigative resources. Details below-----Scott Johnson. 

58th AD Assembly Candidate Ivan Altamirano: There was once (actually still is) a Commerce City Councilman who dreamed (with the monetary help of Mario Beltran and others) of leaving behind a Model City, for a Sacramento future. But despite $300,000 plus in campaign funding, only 3,809 voters  (about 25% of the total Commerce population) blessed his (sixth place) debut as a "Front/Puppet Candidate" for the Chacon/Beltran Political Machine ......., and BTW, why is Ivan not reporting who actually paid for his print ads that appeared for five weeks-running in the "Brian Hews/Los Chacon News? Maybe his "Campaign Sub-contractor" can elaborate ........., to a future FPPC Hearing (again for both Ivan and Brian)?
The "Brian Hews/Los Chacon News" ran new Chacon/Beltran Puppet Candidate Ivan Altamirano's Campaign Ad for five weeks ..........., without Copy Editing a "Senate" mistake.

** 32nd State Senate District Candidate Bob Archuleta: The 32nd State Senate District was/is/continues to be in an Electoral State of Confusion and the consequences will likely be "Calderon-like" come November ........., with thanks to Daniel Andalon (with shadow help from the Chacon/Beltran Machine).  Who is Daniel Andalon? The last we saw the former CD1/14 Staffer, he was role-playing the Northeast Establishment Doormat who was looking upwards at the shoe bottoms of other candidates in the forlorn pursuit of Officeholder Status. But as was evident in the recent 32nd Senate District Electoral Confusion, one cannot underestimate Andalon's mentoring abilities to clients on how not to finish last on Election Day (especially with help form the Chacon/Beltran Machine) ........., and five weeks of unreported campaign ads in the "Brian Hews/Los Chacon News"?   
Celler-dweller Candidate, turned victorious Campaign Consultant Daniel Andalon.
Who paid for this Archuleta Campaign Print Ad in the "Brian Hews/Los Chacon News"?
Consulting a victorious Campaign to a confuse Electorate pays.

39th Assembly District Candidate Luz Rivas: Tick, tick, tick, tick, the clock is approaching the end of the last July workday ..........., and where is the latest Campaign 460 Report Forms for Acting Assemblywoman Luz Rivas? The Charter Founding Member (along with CD 7 City Councilwoman Monica "Lady M-fraud" Rodriguez) of the #MeTooDeniers (of the Northeast San Fernando Valley Democratic Machine), is showcasing her MIT brilliance in absorbing the ethically-challenged proclivities of her new political soulmates. That stated, there may be another reason why (at 4 P.M.) Rivas has been tardy in disclosing her latest Campaign 460s .........., and that may have to do with the unethical trafficking of in-kind campaign contributions (to both her and "Lady M-fraud) from a convicted Trafficker. To be continue..        
The #MeTooDeniers (Luz and Lady M-fraud), exposing Teenage Females to an alleged Sexual Abuser?
Will the Luz Rivas Campaign denote the In-kind Support via ........., a convict Drug Trafficker?

Arnie Abramyan's Plea Agreement to Drug Trafficking..

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