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Tuesday, June 05, 2018

The Political Career of Antonio Villaraigosa Ends in ............,

From the Oregon Border to a looming New Wall in San Diego, Californians are are voting .........., NO MAS, to a possible Gubernatorial Incarnation of Antonio Villargovea, leaving us to bloggin reminisce (with a song dedication) on a City Terrace Native named "Tony" and his pending Day of Political Reckoning.      
The Venice Room in Monterey Park.
** Blogger's Notes: Just a thought ..........., with the aspirations of a certain City Terrace Native to become California's next Governor, going the way of a Telebimbo Quicky, we call upon fellow UCLA Graduate Jim Morrison to perform his signature song "The End", as the appropriate dedication for the apparent conclusion to Antonio Ramon Villar's Political Desires----Scott Johnson.  
A Timeless Cover Photo of Tony V.
A Fellow UCLA Graduate with the appropriate Dedication to Antonio Villar's Political Aspirations.  


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