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Thursday, May 31, 2018

The Thursday Before ........, (insert LA Times Hit Piece here), Election Day Brief

On this "Thursday Before Primary Election Day 2018", a certain former "Los Angeles Fishwrap of Record (moving to El Segundo)" reverts to tried (and failed) effort to influence the vote, in seeking to save its latest Editorial/Newsroom Agenda-driven incarnation of the ..........., "LA Antonio (the Gubernatorial Villargovea Edition) Times". 
The Wreckage of Agenda Journalism (in support of poll-trending, Failure Gubernatorial Candidate Antonio Villargovea) ........., currently on Spring Street.  
** Blogger's Notes: Its the "Thursday Before Primary Election Day 2018", and once again, a certain dispenser of Agenda Journalism (moving to El Segundo), is seeking to influence the selection of California's next Governor.
 Longtime political observers will remember the Thursday Before the Governor Gray "Gumby" Davis Recall Election in 2003, when the LA Times, timely-disclosed, numerous allegations of female-groping by then Gubernatorial Candidate Arnold Schwarzenegger (who later morphed into a RINO, "Kennedy Republican" Governor, but we digress). 
Fifteen years later, a much-smaller Journalistic Regurgitator of New York Times, Washington Post and CNN-crafted Fake Trump Resistance Propaganda, attempts to forestall (for a few months) the looming FAILURE (once again) of its latest COURAGEOUS (more like myopic) "LA Antonio Times" incarnation
Unlike the LA Times attempt to create news via repudiate polling data in 2003, the current aggregated Polling Data via the Real Clear Politics Website clearly shows that the "Antonio Villargovea for Governor reincarnation, NEVER caught on with an intuitive California Electorate.
In actuality, the latest Poll via Berkeley IGS, has Republican John Cox leading the City Terrace Native by a 20-13% margin for the second spot, with Republican Travis Allan right behind at 12%.
With the polling data clearly showing that their latest "LA Antonio Times" incarnation going down the same way of former USC President Max Nikias (into irrelevancy), how do the Editorial/Newsroom Villarnistas respond? From the catacombs of the Villarnista Newsroom comes the latest in "Trump-branding" with, "Before John Cox was Trump's choice for governor, he was on a quixotic mission to remake California's Legislature".............., and being Trump's Choice should almost make it certain that a certain Magazine Cover become relevant, AGAIN, on Election Day-----Scott Johnson.

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