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Monday, May 07, 2018

Proposed Lincoln Heights Measure HHH-financed Developments Listening Session this Wednesday

For Immediate Release:
Contact Scott Johnson at (323) 213-0149 or outwardmsj66@yahoo.com
The Coalition to Protect Lincoln Heights invites you to attend a Listening Session regarding the proposed Measure HHH-financed Development of Five Public Parking Lots, into Affordable, Market Rate ......, and an undisclosed amount of Permanent Supportive Housing for the Homeless. 
Date: May 7, 2018.
With the exclusive approval of the City of Los Angeles Measure HHH Oversight Authority, the Developers designated to draft the Development of Five Public Parking Lots along Lincoln Heights Broadway Business Corridor, will engage the community in a Listening Session, hosted by the Sacred Heart Parish Social Justice Group on Wednesday, May 9, 2018 (Location specifics posted below).
The Coalition to Protect Lincoln Heights implores all Stakeholders to attend, respect the proceedings facilitators .........., and then ponder the following questions once the presentations are completed.

First: What percentage of the proposed Units will be designated Permanent Supportive Homeless Housing?
Second: How will the proposed Developments affect the Lincoln Heights Community?
Third: When will City Councilman Gil Cedillo actually engage the Lincoln Heights Community in a dialog regarding the growing opposition to the arbitrary actions originating from City Hall?
Fourth: Why is Mayor Eric Garcetti and City Councilman Gil Cedillo targeting the Lincoln Heights Community for a disproportionate amount of supposed Homeless Housing/Supportive Services?
Fifth: Who actually benefits when supposed funds for Homeless Housing/Supportive Services, are instead allocated for Affordable/Market Rate Developments, contrary to the promises espoused by Mayor Garcetti?
Lastly: Where is the commitment to using Measure HHH Funding for innovated Homeless Housing Solutions as supported by the Coalition to Preserve LA .........., and why is City Hall ignoring the Lincoln Heights Community's right to choose its own remedies in dealing with the Homeless Crisis?
Listening Session Event Information.
The Coalition to Protect Lincoln Heights endeavors to Act as a Fair, Honest Voice and Respects All Viewpoints in the Interest of Preserving the Greater Lincoln Heights Community.  
For More Information, Interview Requests with Coalition Leaders and Members, Contact Scott Johnson at (323) 213-0149 or outwardmsj66@yahoo.com

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