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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Its Comey does LA Day after Stormy becomes honorary Key Hole Madame of WeHo

On the day after Stormy Daniels became the latest honorary Key Hole Madame of West Hollywood (WeHo), terminated FBI Director James Comey's Book Tour makes its Sold Out LA Stop, as the former top G-man spins tales of his, alleged Rampart Scandal-like Law Enforcement Conduct.
Porn Star Stormy Daniels becomes the latest honorary "Key Hole Madame of WeHo". 
** Blogger's Notes: Please pardon the bloggin pause as we ponder the last time local governmental entities have granted a forum for two retched, self-serving Narcissists (with pending legal issues), on consecutive days .....,  as exampled by Porn Star Stormy Daniels and TERMINATED FBI Director James Comey.

Resistance vibrations were in abundance yesterday, as the West Hollywood City Council allocated a "quicky-amount of its governance time (10 minutes)", in honoring a purveyor of "Sex-Positive Performing". From the LA Times.

While the atmosphere was festive, Lisa Belsanti, a city spokeswoman, said West Hollywood was "serious as a heart attack" about its recognition of Daniels. "If it takes someone like Stormy Daniels to bring this corrupt, morally bankrupt [Trump] administration down, then she really is a hero," Belsanti said. City officials had no qualms about honoring a porn star, she said. "We're a sex-positive community," Belsanti said. "The fact that Ms. Daniels has a career in adult films? We're not ashamed of it." 

In lieu of WeHo's bestowing of Daniels as a honorary "Key Hole Madame", maybe we can implore City of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, to honor former Failure Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa's Paramour Mirthala Salinas ........ as the honorary "Madame Locksmith", that shut the door on the City Terrance Native's Gubernatorial (and other) political aspirations (but we digress)? 

James Comey's Deep State Ties.
Back to the present, James Comey returns to the city where he learned of his TERMINATION via President Donald Trump, as he nears the end of his "A Higher Loyalty, Truth, Lies and Leadership Book Tour", with a Sold Out Event benefiting the Library Foundation of Los Angeles.
With former LA Times Editor Jim Newton moderating the conversation, we seriously doubt that questions regarding the NUMEROUS inconsistencies in Comey's book and outed in recently-disclosed documents, or a recent comment regarding alleged SPYING on the Trump Campaign from his Twitter Account posted below) ..........., will be allowed. 

Facts matter. The FBI’s use of Confidential Human Sources (the actual term) is tightly regulated and essential to protecting the country. Attacks on the FBI and lying about its work will do lasting damage to our country. How will Republicans explain this to their grandchildren?

Just a thought, if Newton leaves his subjective, agenda journalist mindset at home, he may want to find the comparisons in Comey's alleged conduct, to the Rampart Scandal, which may be overshadowed by a MEGA-scandal being ignored (and ridiculed) by Newton's former employer ........, soon departing Downtown LA's Spring Street for El Segundo-----Scott Johnson. 
LAPD Rampart Officers David Mack and Rafael Perez.
The Imploding Old Gray Hag ........, moving to El Segundo.

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