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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

An Untimely Episode of Political Opportunism by Steve Veres?

On the day after the "Tri-partisan Call for the Resignation" of Northeast San Fernando Valley Congressman Tony Cardenas, Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD) Board of Trustees Member Steve Veres, is allegedly making known his "Congressional Aspirations" ........, if the current Officeholder meets an unexpected demise.  
Is current LACCD Board of Trustee Steve Veres risking alienating fellow NSFV Democratic Machine supporters by allegedly stating his Congressional Desires for the Seat STILL occupied by Tony Cardenas?

** Blogger's Notes: Disclaimer, the following is only Political Chisme (from a reliable source), but if true, then there is a Political Vulture lurking in the Northeast San Fernando Valley, awaiting the demise of a certain Congressional Officeholder. According to our source, LACCD Board of Trustees Member Steve Veres is making known his aspirations to seek the Congressional Office, currently occupied by the embattled Tony Cardenas. Despite yesterday's "Tri-partisan Call for his Resignation", Congressman Cardenas will most likely not become a Political Carcass for self-servicing plucking anytime soon ........., but at least one Political Vulture is on notice (allegedly)-----Scott Johnson.     
Political Vulture Steve Veres awaiting the demise of Congressman Tony Cardenas (below)?
Why is Steve Veres circling me (allegedly)?

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