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Saturday, May 26, 2018

A Special Sub-Contractor Edition of "Ask a Madame Muckraker, Fake News/Propagandist featuring ....... Brian Hews"

The Mayor Sam Blog presents a Special Sub-Contractor Edition of  "Ask a Madame Muckraker, Fake News/Propagandist" featuring ..............., Los Angeles Press Club-nominated "Journalist of the Year for 2018" Brian Hews (currently being paid by the Ivan Altamirano for Assembly Campaign).
The Madame Muckraker's "Chris Matthews Moment" upon learning of his "2018 Journalist of the Year Nomination".

** Blogger's Notes:
On this second-to-last Saturday before the June 5 Primary Elections, the Mayor Sam Blog presents (for the benefit of 58th Assembly District Voters), a Special Sub-Contractor Edition of "Ask a Madame Muckraker, Fake News/Propagandist" ........, featuring Brian Hews.

As Election Day nears, the Madame Muckraker's "Servicing of Political Johns (approved by Chacon Political Family Pimp Daddy Hector Chacon, allegedly)", takes on more embellishing urgency, as  likes of State Senate Candidate Bob Archuleta and newest client 58th AD Candidate Ivan Altamirano, face an increasing uphill battle to place in the Top Two on Election Day.

Early in the past week, the reigning Muckraker of Southeast LA County Journalism, wasted no time in keyboarding a Chris Matthews-like Moment, in disclosing his LA Press Club Nomination as a "2018 Journalist of the Year Finalist" ............. (please pardon our momentary delay due to spontaneous gagging reflex episode).

We here at Mayor Sam do not pretend to be compensated Journalists (were not), but we do understand that our missives/commentary's should be predicated on the presentation of facts, and disclosures of conflicts (especially of the financial types) ..........., as DOCUMENTED via the Altamirano for Assembly Campaign's PAYMENT to the Los Cerritos Community Newspaper Group (aka. the NOW "Brian Hews/Los Chacon Political Agenda-benefiting News).

Thus, providing the motivation our latest "Ask a Madame Muckraker Edition (that continues below)"-----Scott Johnson.

Question: Dear Madame Muckraker Brian, based upon the DOCUMENTED payment by the Altamirano Campaign for "Information Technology Costs". Should ALL future 2018 58th AD Election stories written by any compensated writer of the Hews Media Group, contain a Disclaimer that discloses your "Sub-contractor Work" on the behalf of the Altamirano for Assembly Campaign"?
Answer: Refer all your F%$#IN QUESTIONS to Chacon Political Family Agenda Pimp Daddy Hector Chacon. 
The Madame Muckraker's compensation for "servicing" the Ivan Altamirano for Assembly Campaign.

Question: Dear Madame Muckraker Brian, the Independent Expenditure Committee Mailer pictured below, contains DAMAGING HEADLINES regarding Commerce City Councilman Ivan Altamirano's alleged ethical failings, that are attributed to the "Los Cerritos News (owned by the Hews Media Group)". Simply, do you stand by your previous reports that documents Councilman Altamirano's LACK OF ETHICAL FITNESS to hold State Office .........., or were you merely Servicing his Political Opponents/Pimp Master Hector's Political Agenda? 
Answer: GO F$%# YOURSELF!!
Will a Madame Muckraker's past attacks (on behalf of the Chacon Political Family), reap shame on a new "Political John Client"?

Question: Dear Madame Muckraker Brian, for the last four weeks, the Electronic (and Paper Edition?) of the Los Cerritos Community News has printed the half-pages ads promoting the Commerce-located Justman Packaging Company ............, and their DOCUMENTED contribution-supporting Commerce City Councilman, NOW Assembly Candidate Ivan Altamirano? Simply, who is paying what for the Ads ..........., or is the Los Cerritos Community News acting as an IE Committee on the behalf of the Altamirano Campaign (without FPPC notification)?
Answer: First, GO F%$# YOURSELF, AGAIN. Second, all Ads Transactions are approved based upon SERVICING the Chacon Political Family Agenda (via the Pimp Daddy Hector, allegedly).  
Will the Madame Muckraker disclose who is financing the duo half-page ads featuring Justman Packaging ........, and the Altamirano for Assembly Campaign? 
Question: Dear Madame Muckraker Brian, considering that you have been DOCUMENTED as a Sub-Contractor of the Altamirano for Assembly Campaign and the recipient of $13,000 plus in Print Ads via the "Hard Hats against Cristina Garcia IE Committee", are you actively communicating with both groups to properly service their mutualistic "Political Desire"?
Answer: Refer to answers one, two and three .........., and GO F$#@ YOURSELF (as always when my hypocrisy is exposed).  
Disclaimer: All fiscal arraignments between the Madame Muckraker and Political Johns, are approved by Chacon Political Family Pimp Daddy Hector Chacon (allegedly).

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