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Friday, May 25, 2018

A Memorial Holiday Weekend Friday Getaway Bloggin Political Bad News Dump

As millions of Californians pay higher gas prices for Summer 2018's Memorial Day Weekend Getaway, we tease Bloggin Bad News (for future expansive coverage) regarding the likes of CD-1 City Councilman Gil Cedillo, ** (Ex) USC President Max Nikias, Gubernatorial Candidate Antonio Villargovea ..........., and a certain "Madame Muckraker (also sub-contractor?) for the 58th Assembly District Campaign of Ivan Altamirano. 
Are Arturo Chavez (left) and Conrado Terrazas (in shirt and tie) on the OUTS in CD-1 Office Shake-up?

** Blogger's Notes: Great Memorial Day Weekend Getaway Day to everyone as the 2018 cost of your travel plans reaps the Cubafornia People's Republic, millions of additional Rubles to sustain roads ways (in reality, prop up the Pension System, but we digress). Greetings aside, holiday weekends (regardless of the season) are politically-useful for the disclosure of bad news afflicting a politico, crony or Special Interest, in the hopes that it will be absorbed (and forgotten) by the time everyone returns from their respective festivities on Tuesday. But in the digital age of bloggin political news coverage, Getaway Fridays (at least here at Mayor Sam), become a "Slow Drip Tease" on the bad news ahead ..........., as exampled by the CD-1 City Councilman Gil Cedillo Staff Shake-up. According to sources, longtime Cedillo Staffers, FORMER District Director Conrado Terrazas and Chief of Staff Arturo Chavez, have been demoted and assigned to minimal duties, respectively. Terrazas is now listed as "Events Director (relegated to handing out flyers at public events?)", while STILL Chief of Staff Arturo Chavez, has had much of his staff oversight duties delegated to new Deputy Chief of Staff Tony Ricasa. More on this and the other teases below in the days ahead ** P.M. Update: USC President Nikias stepping down-----Scott Johnson.
www.novendidos.com: For those of us familiar with the evolution of the former City Terrace Native Tony Villar, through his Failure Mayor (and Husband) Antonio Villaraigosa stage, and into his current Gubernatorial Candidate Antonio Villargovea incarnation, we can only chuckle at the Tonto Tonito's Flashbacks posted at the website noted above. 
The "Number Four" is not so lucky for Tony/Antonio.
The Pending Dismantling of the USC President Max Nikias Era?: Memo to the USC Board of Trustees, your Vice-President for Government Relations (and former State Senator) Martha Escutia bests illustrates below, the growing backlash against the continuous disdain for ethical openness and transparency under the reign of President Max Nikias.    
When will the dismantling of the USC President Max Nikias Era commence?
A Madame Muckraker's "Journalistic Servicing" becomes 58th AD Campaign Issue: A recent Independent Expenditure Committee Mailer in the 58th AD Campaign targeting embattled Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia, offers a reminder that the Madame Muckraker of Southeast LA Journalism (aka Brian Hews), has an ethical conflict, as denoted by payment via the Ivan Altamirano Campaign. More details in the next installment of ........, Ask a Madame Muckraker, Fake News Propagandist, featuring Brian Hews tomorrow.
A Madame Muckraker's Fake News (or Truth) Past Exposed?

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