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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Lincoln Heights UNITED Against CD-1 Clowncilman Broken Deal Cedillo's (and Mayor Garcetti's) Housing Scheme

A capacity-plus crowd at last Thursday's (1-18-18) monthly meeting of the Lincoln Heights Neighborhood Council, expressed UNITY IN OPPOSITION to CD-1 City Clowncilman Gil "Broken Deal Cedillo's (and Mayor Eric "Yoga Pants" Garcetti's) SCHEME to scandalously-misuse Measure HHH Bond Money, for non Homeless-related Services/Housing, on a proposed FIVE (Parking) Lots Development in Lincoln Heights.
CD1 City Clowncilman Broken Deal Cedillo: "Hey Gabacho Mayor Yoga Pants, how much Measure HHH Bond Money can I MISAPPROPRIATE (notice rising hand) for non Homeless Housing/Services in Lincoln Heights"?  
** Blogger's Notes: A Ciudad de Los Angeles Political Promises Flashback ............., in 2006, Angelinos had just elected a "Pop Star Mayor (who later was bestowed the dubious distinction of being a "Failure Mayor", but I digress)", who PROMISED to add 1,000 more LAPD Officers, in return for raising your Trash Fees ........ and the reality?
“We understand that homelessness in L.A. will not be solved overnight,” he said. “But by passing Proposition HHH, the people of this city put us on a real path to getting thousands of our most vulnerable residents off the streets and into housing for good.

........, and the reality? View the Videos below from last Thursday's Meeting of the Lincoln Heights Neighborhood Council where a Scandal was exposed ........., and OPPOSED by Lincoln Heights Community.

As witnessed by a capacity-plus audience, Mayor Garcetti's Measure HHH Facade would adversely affect the Lincoln Heights Business Community via the removal of FIVE Public Parking Lots, that would be replace with "Mixed-Housing (notice non-mention of any type of Homeless Housing or Services), as noted local Journalist Patrick Range McDonald reported;

City officials are currently sorting through the proposals for projects that will make up the AHOS program. With complete certainty, permanent supportive housing will not be built at every city-owned property — five sites in Lincoln Heights, which is represented by Councilman Gil Cedillo, have already been designated for “mixed-income” housing. As a result, the city’s use of Measure HHH money for the AHOS program will not go entirely to homeless housing, and homeless men, women, and children will not receive the full amount of housing and services that Mayor Eric Garcetti and the City Council had promised. Instead, an affluent professional, the only person who can afford market-rate housing in L.A., may land a nice pad on city-owned property in increasingly gentrified Lincoln Heights or near the beach on the Westside. It’s the very definition of a scandal.
Another Broken Deal Cedillo (in support of Mayor Eric Garcetti) Scandalous Moment-----Scott Johnson.
LHNC Q and A on proposed Five Lots Homeless/Mixed Housing Development, Part One.
LHNC Q and A on proposed Five Lots Homeless/Mixed Housing Development, Part Two.
LHNC Q and A on proposed Five Lots Homeless/Mixed Housing Development, Part Three.
LHNC Q and A on proposed Five Lots Homeless/Mixed Housing Development, Part Four.

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