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Friday, December 01, 2017

TGIF Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine ........ and beyond

In the wake of the graphic,"Bathroom-based Testimony" from Sacramento K Street Lobbyist Pamela Lopez, regarding Sexual Harassment/Inappropriate Behavior via State Officeholders and Staff, the Mayor Sam Blog has received a reliable TIP on the identity of the "Sitting Officeholder of Interest"
Sacramento K Street Lobbyist Pamela Lopez testifying before Assembly Sub-Committee on Sexual Harassment. 
** Blogger's Notes: Dreading the whispers .........., we respect the stance of Sacramento K Street Lobbyist Pamela Lopez , who showed GENUINE courage in testifying about her alleged, Bathroom Encounter with a "Sitting Elected Official" last year, in NOT revealing the Identity the Politico involve .........., after all, the Whispering Network is multi-directional. Just by her testifying before the Assembly Sub-committee entrusted with vetting the past indiscretions, and hopefully, the entity that gives birth to needed reforms. Lopez will always be the "FACE (and voice)" that hopefully raises the decibel level of the Whispering Network (that has provided this blog with alleged IDENTITY of Lopez's Harasser), that should not be the recipient of a similar "Retaliation Network" .........., when EXPOSING those engaging in Sexual Harassment/Inappropriate Conduct-----Scott Johnson. 
While we remain MUM on who was the alleged "SITTING OFFICEHOLDER" involve in Lobbyist Lopez's encounter, we present a video below (again), of two former Assembly Officeholders (and Congressman Brad Sherman Staffers) Mike Gatto and current SITTING OFFICEHOLDER Assemblyman Matt Dababneh, engaging in some alleged, "above-whispering" Break A Rib Jock Talk on the floor of the Assembly in 2014. 
When Hazing and Jock Talk become a Bad Mix.

** Meanwhile in the last Friday before the 51st AD Special Election, the "Campaign by Endorsements via Wendy Carrillo", has again, exposed the past Inconvenient Truth (with Settlement), involving allegations of Sexual Harassment/Inappropriate Conduct, targeting former State Senator Richard Polanco. 
........., and Sabo strikes again!!

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