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Monday, December 04, 2017

HOT Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine (and Beyond) for Monday, 12-4-17

The recent sale (and slashing of staff positions) at the LA Weekly, is the latest example of a rapidly-changing "State of Journalism" in Los Angeles, as longtime Print Mediums and Cyber Entities are forced to either evolve ..........., or continue to devolve into irrelevancy as "Objectivity in Local Reporting (especially on political issues)" becomes secondary ......., to the Agenda of the Establishment. ** BREAKING NEWS!! Assemblyman Matt Dababneh outed by Lobbyist Pamela Lopez as the "Bathroom Officeholder".  
Is a once "Weekly of Record", now merely a Weed Leaf Directory? 
** Blogger's Notes: With NO apologies to "The Old Gray Hag Resister on Spring Street (aka. Los Angeles Times)", we must declare that the "State of Journalism" in Los Angeles, is now in crisis mode. As the LA Times continues its devolution into a merely a Fishwrap of Disinformation (and alleged UNDERTAKER of Inconvenient News) , the once "LA Weekly of Record", is providing the latest "Guttings for future Wrapping", via the slashing of a majority of Staff Positions at the longtime Culver City Print Entity. There was a recent time, when the local Political Establishment would cringe in waiting for the latest damning Exclusives from the likes of Alan Mittelstaedt (who moved on to the, NOW-defunct City Beat), Jeffery Anderson, Christine Pelisek, Patrick Range McDonald, David Zahniser, Jill Stewart and Hillel Aron, but the recent sale and gutting of staff .........., leaves Aron as the only Staff Writer to lament on a VERY possible "Weed Leaf Directory Future".  The Weekly's tribulations, is the latest saga playing out withing the local Print and Cyber News Community following the Unionization-induced Demise of LAist , the pending sale of the Eastern Group Publications and the CONTROVERSY afflicting the litigious Hews Media Group (as objectively reported by Aron).   
What latest News (involving Sacramento Politicos engaging in Sexual Misconduct) has the LA Times hidden away (again) within its Imploding Catacombs of Subjective Reporting?
BREAKING NOONTIME UPDATE!!: Lobbyist Pamela Lopez reveals Assemblyman Matt Dababneh as the "SITTING OFFICEHOLDER in question regarding her Bathroom Encounter.  
** As we reported on Friday, the "Sacramento Whispering Network" is divulging the alleged IDENTITY of another "SITTING  OFFICEHOLDER" who was the subject of Lobbyist Pamela Lopez's GRAPHIC Bathroom Testimonial. Another Website (with a LEFTIST bent), has gone on the record in naming the Politico .........., but for questionable reasons, as excerpted below. 

Who knew he was a pervert to boot! The story I got from 4 other state legislators yesterday and today is that he followed a woman into a bathroom, locked the door and pulled out his dick and masturbated in front of her. Supposedly the L.A. Times is sitting on the story and several of the legislators suggested that if I write about it, the L.A. Times will be forced to and he'll resign-- another Climate Change denier flushed away.. 

Further ..........,

So would I have broken this story if he was a progressive? Nope. And that's the problem... this whole thing becoming a political weapon. I think child molester Roy Moore should withdraw from the race. I think serial sexual predator Donald J. Trumpanzee should resign. But liberal Democrat John Conyers? Sure... after Trump does. 

........, and likewise, the Times will continue to protect the Democratic Establishment to name as they just reported.

** A DEVELOPING MAYOR SAM EXCLUSIVE: The CONTRIBUTING Background behind the Selection of Montebello Unified School District (MUSD) School Board Member Edgar Cisneros ......, as the NEW City of Commerce Administrator.
Recently-elected Commerce City Councilman Johns Soria (in suit), with Mayor Oralia Robello (left) ........ and MUSD School Board Member (and NEW Commerce City Administrator) Edgar Cisneros (back right).  
As we reported in a previously Exclusive, the City of Commerce selected MUSD School Board Member (and FORMER Huntington Park City Manager) Edgar Cisneros to the like-wise position of City Administrator. While the litigious Hews Media Group has been devoid of any coverage, the Eastern Group Publications noted the Hiring ........, without knowing of the photo above that has Ethics Observers QUESTIONING the openness, transparency and LEGALITY of the selection process. To be continue-----Scott Johnson. 

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