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Monday, November 06, 2017

The Journalistic Malpractice/Bully Watch in the ABC Unified School District Elections

On the eve of the ABC Unified School District Elections in Southeast LA County, we take note of Los Cerritos Community News Brian Hews "absence of journalistic diligence" in reporting on the "Campaign Mailer Malfunction" via the H. Ernie Nishii Campaign ........, and keyboard possible (actually obvious) reasons for Hew's non-reporting. 
The DOCUMENTED Fake News Namesake of the (Brian) Hews Media Group.
** Blogger's Notes: We are on Journalistic Malpractice Watch (again) as we wonder why a formerly, award-winning, Newspaper of Record in Southeast LA County known as the Los Cerritos Community News, would engage in an "absence of journalistic diligence" by ignoring the Campaign Mailer Malfunction of ABC Unified School District Candidate H. Ernie Nishii  A print shop blunder, of this nature would surely garner some type of local/community coverage, especially on the eve of the elections ........., but if the mistake benefits the endorsed Candidate of the UBER-hater of reelection-seeking School Board Member Lynda Johnson, known as the purveyor of FAKE NEWS  Brian Hews ........., then JUST SAY NO to Journalistic Bullys (and their political allies)-----Scott Johnson..  
ABC Unified School District Board Member Lynda Johnson.
 The REASON for the Hews Media Group's "absence of journalistic diligence" regarding H. Ernie Nishii's Campaign Mailer Malfunction ........, can be viewed below (allegedly).
The Brian Hews Candidate of Choice for the ABC Unified School District, with background below.

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