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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

The "Duh-nials of Nury Martinez" ......, to At-Home Party (with Gerry) Harassment Claims against Raul Bocanegra

Are the "Duh-nials of Nury Martinez" regarding the, NOW multiple allegations of Sexual Harassment/Inappropriate Conduct against fellow Northeast San Fernando Valley Democrat Machine Crony Assemblyman Raul Bocanegra ....., a Smoke Job to mask her (and Husband Gerry's) "At-Home Harassment Party Enabling"?
Blowing Smoke (to cover up nefarious conduct), Again?? CD-6 City Councilperson Nury Martinez.
** Blogger's Notes: Once Upon a Time, in recent City Hall Folklore (actually in reality), a certain City Councilwoman (the only one at the time) and staff, were engaging in some "Holiday Festivities ,with DJ, Dance Music, Flashing Lights and a Smoke Machine ........., that allegedly activated the City Hall Fire Alarm.(or was it the burner warming the Tamales, but we digress). Back to the present, many Northeast San Fernando Valley (and beyond) Political Observers "B.S. Smoke Job Detectors" are beeping LOUD as CD-6 City Councilwoman Nury Martinez attempts to blow a smoking cover regarding her (and husband Gerry Guzman's) role/knowledge of Assemblyman Raul Bocanegra nefarious conduct with Women. In recent weeks, the WIFE of Assemblyman Bocanegra's DISTRICT DIRECTOR (who also doubled as CAMPAIGN MANAGER) Gerry Guzman, has attempted to feign "DUH-nial" regarding her supposed lack-of knowledge (LOL!!), of fellow Machine Mate's reprehensible behavior ....... But, that was before yesterday's LA Times Exclusive that DETAILED the additional accusations of SIX WOMEN targeting Assemblyman Bocanegra's behavior in Sacramento ..........., and at the HOME of Gerry/Nury (with Daughter) Martinez. We excerpt pertinent passages below-----Scott Johnson 

It was early summer 2012 and about eight people who worked in Fuentes’ district office attended a celebratory lunch for Guzman’s birthday at Octopus in Burbank. Alcohol was flowing freely. Camille Pili-Jose was feeling uneasy about how much her co-workers were drinking during work hours. Her nervousness grew, she said, as the group decamped to Guzman’s house in San Fernando to continue to socialize. Bocanegra at the time was running to succeed Fuentes in the state Assembly, a race he would win that November. Pili-Jose, who from 2011 through 2012 worked in the local community as a field representative for Fuentes, said her colleagues were taking shots of Tanqueray gin and encouraged her to join in. Bocanegra was standing to her side. After some resistance, she raised a full shot glass to her lips. Just as she was about to drink, she said, Bocanegra laid his hand on the front of her stomach. She said she was so shocked by the unexpected touch, she spit out the gin. Pili-Jose, now 30, told a friend at the time about what happened. The friend confirmed Pili-Jose’s description of the incident. Gabriela Correa, another Fuentes field representative who worked for the assemblyman from 2011 until 2012, also saw the encounter. She told The Times that Pili-Jose made it clear, verbally and with her body language, that the touch was unwanted.

Another Fuentes staffer said she also had an unwanted encounter with Bocanegra in the summer of 2012, soon after he had come in first in the June 5 primary. The woman, who asked to be identified by only her first name, Heather, said the incident occurred after an all-staff lunch with lots of alcohol. The group moved to Guzman’s house to continue partying. Heather said she was standing in the kitchen speaking to a co-worker when Bocanegra came up behind her and ran his hands down her neck and along the sides of her breasts before grabbing her backside with both hands. She said the incident was witnessed by her male co-worker, who is now a staffer for Martinez. He did not respond to multiple requests for comment. Heather spoke about what happened with two people — one several months later, the other several years ago. Each confirmed Heather had told them that Bocanegra had groped her. Heather said she was shocked and left the house immediately. Soon after, she said, she got a voicemail from Bocanegra. The message was: "Hey Heather, Raul here. I wanted to apologize, so when you have a moment, can you call me?” The Times confirmed that the phone number identified on the July 7, 2012, voicemail is the same phone number Bocanegra listed on his official candidate statement in 2012.

........., and Nury's response? Actually, its Gerry who stated ............, Several of the incidents reported by The Times were alleged to have happened at Guzman and Martinez’s home. Guzman said in the email to he was “completely unaware that an incident allegedly occurred in my house.” He said he “was not present in the setting where it allegedly occurred, and was never told about it.”
Meanwhile ........., has the Fresh Face of the Northeast San Fernando Valley Democratic Machine CD-7 City Councilwoman Monica Rodriguez, staged a Photo-Op to comment?

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