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Thursday, November 09, 2017

Morning Briefs on LAPD Chief Beck's Admin Dysfunction for Thursday

LAPD Chief Charlie Beck's "Damned Lies Tantrum Tirade" directed at the "Cooked Crime Stats (again ?)" allegations of Van Nuys Station Captain Lillian Carranza, is in reality, emboldening more scrutiny of the Second Term Chief's oversight (and veracity) regarding the Department's administration.
 Who damn dares question my integrity/leadership? Where do we start?
** Blogger's Notes: We simply have two (actually three) words for LAPD Chief Charlie Beck in response to his "Damned Lies Tantrum Tirade" regarding alleged COOKED (again?) Crime Stats .........., SORRY CHARLIE (NAUGHT!!). 

From our cyber perch on the East Bank of Rio de Los Angeles (within the Hollenbeck Division Command Area), we have been witnesses (and at times subjected) to the ramifications of politically-derided command decisions from Chief Beck's LAPD Headquarters. As Chief Beck garners ridicule (from the likes of the Police Protection League aka. PPL) for his petulant outburst directed at Captain Lillian Carranza's allegations. we have received multiple correspondences from constituents who are reaching out to Captain Carranza, in appreciation for her candor. Indeed, discerning law enforcement observers are NOT surprise, that the COOKING OF STATS is still on-going, considering the upwards political aspirations of Mayor Eric Garcetti and the pressure to show that Chief Beck's support of AB-109, Prop 47, Prop 57 and Sanctuary City/State Legislation ........., is not affecting the Crime Rate (when they have)-----Scott Johnson.  
Chief Beck was an ENABLER, with Mayor Eric "Gar-SOFT-ee", in embargoing Crime Stats during the recent 2017 Mayoral Elections.
A growing number of Civic Activists are lauding Captain Lillian Carranza (right) for speaking TRUE to the issue of COOKED crime stats while ............
........., while the Hollenbeck Division is under the command of Chief Beck's CLOSE CONFIDANT Ruby Malachi (NOW Flores) who has past issues with Crime Scene Protocols.

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