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Friday, November 10, 2017

Breaking News!! State Senator Tony Mendoza latest Democrat Officeholder Facing Sexual Harassment Allegations

In an expansive exclusive from the Sacramento Bee, State Senator Tony Mendoza (D-Artesia) is the LATEST Male Democrat State Politico to come under scrutiny for Inappropriate Conduct directed at a Female Staffer (a early-twenties, post-graduate Fellow), for repeatedly INVITING her to his Sacramento Home (to allegedly, review her resume) ........., that he shares with State Senate President (and current US Senate Candidate) Kevin Alexander (de or of) Leon.  
California State Senator Tony Mendoza (D-Artesia).
** Blogger's Notes: The Politics of Personal Destruction (coined in the 1990s during the, THEN President Bill Clinton Sex Scandals), is continuing its California Incarnation as State Senator Tony Mendoza (D-Artesia) becomes the second Southern California State Officeholder to face scrutiny (and investigation) for Inappropriate Conduct directed at Female Staff ......., and the FIRING of three Staffers with knowledge of the incidents (allegedly). 
From the Sacramento Bee ............, 

Co-workers at the Capitol describe the fellow, 23, as smart, ambitious and eager to land a position in the Legislature. Throughout the fellowship, which began in October 2016, sources said she sought a formal meeting with Mendoza to discuss job opportunities in his office. She did obtain one meeting, but confided in a colleague later that Mendoza said he had not yet had time to review resumes and invited her to his house to help, according to one sourceOn Aug. 31, the fellow was attending an event with Mendoza and other staff, the California Latino Capital Association Foundation’s Annual Third House Mixer. At the event, Mendoza invited her to a second party that night, but she declined, according to a colleague she spoke with that evening. Later, Mendoza texted a picture of himself and other male legislators from the second event to the fellow, multiple sources said. Along with that picture, they said he repeated his invitation to join him that night at his house in Natomas, which he shares with Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de León, to go over resumes. A spokesman for de León on Wednesday said the leader had no knowledge of the allegations against MendozaA week before the invitation, sources said, Mendoza had suggested the fellow could spend the night in his hotel room before an early golf tournament fundraiser at Cache Creek the next day. The fellow sought advice from colleagues, and traveled the next morning instead.
The Political Optics don't get any better for Senator Mendoza, based upon the fact that he FIRED the three Staffers that had knowledge of the incidents excerpted above ........ and the disclosure that they had issues with his District Director Ana Perez, who was a "Felonious, Central Figure" in a City of Commerce Public Corruption Investigation.

Will 51st AD Candidate Wendy Carrillo confront State Senate President Kevin Alexander (de or of) Leon regarding his knowledge of State Senator Tony Mendoza's alleged Conduct?
The fallout from this latest scandal, could have possible repercussions in the 51st Assembly District Special Election as Candidate Wendy Carrillo Endorser State Senate President Kevin Alexander (de or of) Leon, faces increasing questions on his knowledge of Colleague Mendoza's actions, considering that he was a room boarder in his Sacramento home (a fact that both the LA Times and the LA Daily News conveniently failed to report). 
51st AD Special Election Candidate Wendy Carrillo with Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia during East L.A. Mexican Independence Parade.
In response to the Sacramento Bee Exclusive, Assemblywoman Garcia stated the following .........,
Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia, D-Bell Gardens and chairwoman of the California Legislative Women’s Caucus, said she would no longer work with Mendoza. “It saddens to me to think this young woman depended on multiple people to do the right thing yet she was told to keep her mouth shut,” she said. “This brings further shame to this body.” 

What would be more shameful, is electing someone with alleged KNOWLEDGE of a current Officeholder's past Inappropriate Conduct .........., and her continuing SILENCE in condemning those actions------Scott Johnson. 

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