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Sunday, November 12, 2017

Breaking News (again)!! State Senator Tony Mendoza Subject of Second Inappropriate Conduct Allegation

State Senator Tony Mendoza (D-Artesia) is a NO SHOW at a Veteran's Day Event in the City of Downey as a Second Woman (former Intern) comes forward with allegations of Inappropriate Conduct targeting the Sacramento Housemate of State Senate President (and US Senate Candidate) Kevin Alexander (de or of) Leon.
State Senator Tony Mendoza (D-Artesia) is now the subject of a SECOND allegation of Inappropriate Conduct directed at a, THEN 19-year-old Intern.
** Blogger's Notes: One of the tell-tail signs when an embattled Elective Official switches into CRISIS MODE, is the dodging of confirmed public appearances and for State Senator Tony Mendoza ........., the CRISIS is now. State Senator Mendoza was a NO SHOW at a City of Downey Veteran's Day Event on Saturday as the Sacramento Bee reported that a SECOND woman had come forward with allegations of Inappropriate Conduct by the former Educator, NOW State Senate Colleague (and Sacramento Housemate) of State Senate President Kevin Alexander (de or of) Leon. The new allegations by a, THEN 19-years-old Intern, mirrored the more recent complaints of a a early-twenties, Post-Graduate Fellow, who was assigned to State Senator Mendoza's Sacramento Office. Below, we excerpt pertinent paragraphs from the Sacramento Bee story-----Scott Johnson.   
Parking Spot for a State Senator in CRISIS MODE.

Excerpt # 1:
The woman, Jennifer Kwart, came forward with her account hours after The Bee published a story Thursday about a Senate investigation of allegations that Mendoza on at least two occasions invited a 23-year-old fellow to his home to review her résumé for an open job in his office earlier this year. Kwart said her encounter with Mendoza occurred when she was a 19-year-old intern in his Norwalk district office in 2008, when Mendoza was 36 and in the state Assembly, and involved a trip to the California Democratic Party’s state convention in San Jose that year.
A City of Downey Veteran's Day Event ........, minus an EMBATTLED State Senator.
Excerpt # 2: 
Kwart said Mendoza took an interest in her from the beginning of her internship in the spring semester of 2008, inviting her to lunch with him and to help him run errands on Fridays he spent in the Norwalk office. The internship, which started in February, was her first job, and she said she didn’t think it was strange at the time because she had no other comparisons. A former senior aide in Mendoza’s district office, who fears retaliation and asked to remain anonymous, confirmed that Mendoza took Kwart to one-on-one lunches.

A State Senator Missing in Reaction to a SECOND claim of Inappropriate Conduct directed at Young Females. 
Excerpt # 3:
Kwart said that a different Mendoza aide, now Westminster City Councilman Sergio Contreras, invited her to attend the 2008 California Democratic Party convention free of charge in San Jose in late March. She accepted the offer. Kwart said she was surprised when her Southwest Airlines flight landed Friday, March 28, and Contreras told her Mendoza would pick her up from the San Jose airport. Mendoza arrived and they drove to a hotel near the convention. Contreras could not be reached for comment.
A State Senator reflects ......... 
 Excerpt # 4:
Kwart described the sequence of events. She said Mendoza took her to a suite with a common living area and a bedroom. Kwart had a room that connected to the suite but also had a separate entrance to the hallway. Too young to drink legally at the hotel bar, Kwart said Mendoza suggested they drink from the mini-bar in the common area of the suite when they arrived at the hotel. She said he made her feel uncomfortable with questions about her ex-boyfriends, taste in men and her personal life. On the elevator on their way to convention in the late afternoon, she said he told her he didn’t want to spend too much time at the convention that evening because “then we won’t have time for anything else.” She said the conversation is “burned in my brain.” “I interpreted that to mean this guy thinks I’m going to have sex with him,” Kwart said.

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