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Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Unofficially, its Carrillo and Lopez in December 51st AD Runoff

Its still Unofficial, but as of Wednesday A.M. Wendy Carrillo and Luis Lopez will be the December Runoff Candidates seeking to replace the, NOW 434th-ranking Congressman Jimmy Gomez, as the 51st Assembly District Officeholder.
Apparently, its TRUE Progressive Luis Lopez vs. the Establishment/Special Interest Darling Wendy Carrillo in the December, 51st Assembly District Runoff. 
** Blogger's Notes: DISCLAIMER!! The results of yesterday's 51st Assembly District Special Election (with an abysmal 10% Turnout) are still unofficial, but its apparent that once again, Home-grown Candidate Luis Lopez will be facing an Establishment Challenger ........., who recently moved into the District (from Boyle Heights) Wendy Carrillo in a December Runoff.
Pardon the Deja Vu Political Moment, but the upcoming December Runoff has a familiar bloggin plot line, with Luis Lopez again assuming the role of Home Grown Candidate, seeking to rebuff the Political Establishment's anointment of its chosen candidate.
The Wendy Carrillo Campaign may seek to deny the assertion regarding the former Dakota Pipeline Protester, turned second-time Public Office Seeker (within weeks of her failed Congressional aspirations), that the supposed Bernie Sanders follower has gone ESTABLISHMENT. 
But her SILENCE regarding the BIG OIL/ENERGY/TIMBER financing of a PAC that contributed $60,000-plus to the Working Families for Wendy Carrillo Independent Expenditure Committee, is already having adverse ramifications in the Sanders-supporting Assembly District.
That stated, the upcoming Runoff Campaign has a high probability to become what the preceding Congressional Campaign was NOT ............., a TRUE Progressive vs. Establishment Democrat Political Skirmish that could have a profound impact on the future of California's CONTROLLING political party-----Scott Johnson.

** AFTERNOON UPDATE: The 434th Ranking Congressman Jimmy Gomez (formerly of Riverside) has endorsed fellow Establishment Democrat Wendy Carrillo in the December Runoff.

“Wendy Carrillo will make an excellent Assembly member for the people I represented in the California state Legislature,” Gomez said in a statement. “She is a proven working-class progressive who understands that she must represent everyone in the 51st District."

..........., including Big Oil, Energy, Pipeline and Timber. 

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