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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Happy Bloggin Halloween!!

Happy Bloggin Tricks and a Special Treat, as we gladly share the 10th Annual "Happy City Hall-oween Missive", via Downtown News Editor (and "Scribe of Wit") Jon Regardie. 
Image above via the Downtown News (trekandshoot).
** Blogger's Note: BOOOOOO!! We're bloggin back on this day of Tricks, Treats ............, and the 10th Annual "Happy City Hall-oween Missive", via the mystical keyboard of Downtown News Editor (and reigning "Scribe of Wit") Jon Regardie. Surely, there are some who thought (wrongly) that we have gone away to a cyber-afterlife, but rest assure in knowing that Spirit and Body are recharged after a brief break. Below, we post an excerpt from this year's Regardie's Parody. Plus, we offer our own creative offerings on costumes for selected cronies of the local political community----Scott Johnson.

Mr. and Mrs. Antonio Villargovea. 
Excerpted from the 10th Annual "Happy City Hall-oween Missive" via Jon Regardie.
Better Days: You head toward the elevator. You notice a 60-something man who is trying to get the attention of anyone who walks by. There’s something a bit appealing about him, but only a bit — you feel this guy’s best days are behind him. His teeth are nice, and so is his suit, and he’s trying really hard to command attention. He approaches. “I’m Antonio Villaraigosa, and I’m running for governor!” he enthuses, sticking out his hand. You don’t care. Villaraigosa has a newspaper under his arm. It has Monday’s date, but today is Tuesday. “Yesterday’s news,” you think. Villaraigosa keeps trying to get people’s attention, but he’s not having much success. 

** The Wendy Carrillo for Assembly Campaign Halloween Accessory (Paid for by SEIU and BIG OIL/GAS/ TIMBER):
SEIU (along with BIG OIL/GAS/TIMBER) presents Political (Endorsement?) Tricks and Treats to buy another 51st Assembly District Campaign.

** The Unlawful California Sanctuary State Senate President Kevin Alexander of Leon appropriating the Persona of a fellow 19th Century Democrat Sanctuary State Supporter:
  Kevin Alexander Leon as "Jefe Davis" is ...............

** The #Richellary2020 Campaign grasps its 2017 Halloween Costume: 
Mirror, mirrow, look who I should be this Halloween (and beyond).

** Mayor Eric Garcetti (who?):
The Official MIA Politico Halloween Milk Cartoon.

** Assemblyman Raul Bocanegra channels Harvey Weinstein: 
Beware of wondering hands seeking treats and tricks (allegedly).

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