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Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Early 51st AD Special Election Results (Absentee Ballots)

In the initial tally of Absentee Ballots for the 51st Assembly District Special Election, Los Angeles Community College District Board of Trustee Member Mike Fong, has a 404 vote lead over Luis Lopez .........., with Wendy Carrillo CLOSELY trailing by 92 ballots.
LACCD Trustee Mike Fong (right) can smile (for now) via his early lead in tonight's 51st Assembly District Special Election.
** Blogger's Notes: DISCLAIMER ALERT!! For those few who cared to have voted in today's 51st Assembly District Special Election, PLEASE do not expect a final determination this evening regarding the CERTAIN December Runoff aspirants. with the initial tally of the Absentee Ballots, LACCD Board of Trustees Member (and former CD-1 and Mayor Villar Staffer) Mike Fong, has parleyed his numerous community contacts .........., into a 404 lead over second place candidate Luis Lopez.
But the Lopez Campaign cannot relax in being assured of a position in the December Runoff, via the CLOSE third place position of Wendy Carrillo, who only trails by 92 votes. 
The initial count of the Absentee Ballots, denotes a separation of Fong, Lopez and Carrillo from the rest of the twelve candidates field, with Gabriel Sandoval being the ONLY other candidate to break double-digits in percentage of votes.
Thus, with the ABYSMAL voter turnout today, EVERY ballot will need to be counted in the days ahead to finalize the candidates for December's Runoff-----Scott Johnson

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