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Monday, August 14, 2017

Monday Update: LACCD Board of Trustees SELECT Pacifica Services for Construction Bond Oversight Contract via a 4-3 Vote

In a Monday Update to our last week's Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD) missives, we can report that the Board of Trustee's voted 4-3 (with Trustees Steve Veres, Gabriel Buelna, Andra Hoffman and Board President Sydney Kamlager affirming) to award Pacific Services its Bond Construction Oversight Contract (despite its higher-priced Bid), disregarding its past, DOCUMENTED repugnant corporate behavior.
The NOW-anointed LACCD Board of Trustee Member Steve "Pacifica Pervy Enabler" Veres.

** Blogger's Notes: On this evening where the removal of Confederate History, is exposing the "Inner-Taliban" of supposed tolerant Progressives, we can report that the LACCD Board of Trustees Majority of Steve Veres, Gabriel Buelna, Andra Hoffman and Board President Sydney Kamlager together created "A Hypocritical Monument to Self (for instantaneous repudiation)", via their granting of the latest LACCD Construction Bond Oversight Contract to the NOTORIOUS Pacifica Services.

Despite submitting a higher bid and its DOCUMENTED past inappropriate, sexist and racist conduct while under contract with the Central Basin Water District, the "LACCD Quartet of Hypocrisy" put the "Political Desires" of Unlawful Cubafornia State Senate Presiding Officer Kevin Alexander of Leon (K.A. Leon for short) paramount over taking a RIGHTEOUS STAND against Insensitive, Sexist and Racist Conduct in the workplace.

We dare say that such Confederate Icons as Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson and Robert E. Lee (both who opposed Succession and Slavery, but NOT Federal/Union Troops entering the Commonwealth of Virginia), would of been "Monuments of Integrity" compare to the "LACCD Quartet of Hypocrisy", in dismissing the abhorrent past behavior of Pacifica Services, to make good on the Political Cash Advance on "Pacifica Pervy Enabler Veres (and Boss K.A. Leon's)" latest Office-holding Misadventures----Scott Johnson.  
Will history brand LACCD Board of Trustee's President Sydney Kamlager as the Auntie Tomi Apologist for Pacifica Services "RACIST PAST CONDUCT"?
Will Political Newcomer Gabriel Buelna be permanently RIDICULE for being in denial of Pacifica Services Past Insensitive Behavior?
Will anyone EVER take Andra Hoffman seriously the next time she calls out Colleague Scott Svonkin's alleged misconduct, considering her support of Pacifica Services ......., despite its DOCUMENTED Sexist Conduct

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