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Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Mayor Sam LACCD Exclusive, Part Two: Trustee Steve Veres (along with Board allies and State Senator K.A. Leon's) BOUGHT SILENCE on Pacifica Service's Past Inappropriate Employee Conduct?

In Part Two of our Mayor Sam LACCD Exclusive, we disclose how apparently, Pacifica Services BOUGHT THE SILENCE of NOW Board of Trustee Member Steve Veres in regards to its past BIGOTED, SEXIST and INAPPROPRIATE CONDUCT while engage in alleged Contract Services with the Central Basin Water District.
How will LACCD Board of Trustee Member (and State Senator K.A. Leon Staffer) explain his BOUGHT SILENCE regarding past Pacific Services Bigoted Employee Conduct?
** Blogger's Notes: In 2014 while Unlawful Cubafornia State Senate Presiding Officer Kevin Alexander of Leon (or K.A. Leon for short) was strong-arming Special Interests and Democratic Establishment support for the unsuccessful CD-4 Campaign of Steve Veres, the Los Cerritos Community News was reporting the following; 

Top executives at Pacifica Services and officials within the Central Basin Municipal Water District (CB) exchanged thousands of highly racist emails during a three-year period that disparaged Muslims, Palestinians, Hispanics, Blacks, Asians, Seniors, naked woman, obese people, liberals, immigrants, Wal-Mart shoppers, rednecks, gays and lesbians. 

As we noted yesterday in Part One of our Mayor Sam Exclusive regarding the GROWING LACCD Bond Oversight Contract Controversy, Pacific Services was, THEE major Special Interest Contributor to the FAILED Veres CD-4 Campaign .......... and four years later, the, NOW LACCD Board of Trustee Member (again) , is seeking (with Boss K.A. Leon's support) to "SILENTLY"  reciprocate the owed Political Favors.

Discerning LACCD Students, Faculty, Staff and MOST IMPORTANT, Trustee Veres fellow Board Members, should QUESTION the alleged, BOUGHT SILENCE of the just-re-elected, former City of San Fernando City Councilperson (in apparent higher search of a more self-serving and Pacifica Services-enabling Political Tomorrow), .........., considering the DOCUMENTED past behavior of CEO Ernest Camacho's employees.

First, its DOCUMENTED that Pacifica (including current) Employees, ** were partaking in SEXUALLY EXPLICIT cyber conduct, while engaged in Contract Work for the Central Basin Water District.

Second, its DOCUMENTED that Pacifica Employees (included those who donated to Trustee Veres FAILED CD-4 Campaign), ** engaged in countless numbers of insensitive email exchanges, that included a DEMEANING insult of former First Lady Michelle Obama.

Lastly, its DOCUMENTED that Pacifica Employees (included those who would PROFIT from any LACCD Contracts), ** were part of a email chain which DISPARAGE African-Americans via a video, that made numerous use of the "N" word.

Its our sincere HOPE that LACCD Board of Trustee President Sydney Kamlager will exercise the POLITICAL CHARACTER in repudiating the past RACIST conduct of Pacifica Services ........, and hold accountable Trustee Steve Veres for his BOUGHT SILENCE----Scott Johnson.

** PLEASE NOTE that the three above links contain EXPLICIT content, NOT appropriate for minors under the age of 18.
From the Facebook Page of State Senator Holly Mitchell: State Senate Presiding Officer K.A. Leon (in gray t-shirt) and Ernest Camacho (third from right in white shirt) in Japan with other members of the Cubafornia Junket Delegation. 
From a LACCD Insider: "Board President Kamlager (pictured above), the bucks stop at your office as you have been newly elected President of the Board of Trustees.  Leadership is determined by the actions of the leaders during a time of crisis, and believe me the challenge is right before your eyes and every other trustee including the chancellor and Tom Hall who have shown failed leadership throughout this process".

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