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Thursday, August 17, 2017

LA Times: Who is the Alt(ernative Facts)-Left? Look in the Mirror

As a decades-long dispenser of Establishment Agenda Journalism (on Spring Street) continues its devolution into a factually-challenge, Newsprint of Disinformation, its singular-bias (against all things Conservative), assemblage of, MOSTLY Anglo Propagandist/Revisionists, are myopic to the FACT, that they are now the ........., "Alt(ernative Facts) Left Fishwrap of Record" in Los Angeles.  
The Alt(ernative Facts) Left Fishwrap of Record on Spring Street's Journalistic Integrity imploding from within.
** Blogger's Notes: Disclaimer: The use of the above photo, taken in the aftermath of the Trade Unionists Bombing of the Los Angeles Times in 1910, is use as TEACHABLE TOOL in noting what we believe is the continuous, imploding Journalistic Integrity of a supposed "Newsprint of Record (on Spring Street)" ....., and is NOT an endorsement of any nefarious conduct targeting Times property or staff.
That stated, we are troubled that the supposed "Newsprint of Record (on Spring Street's)" continuing devolution into a mere propaganda/disinformation tool for the Political Establishment, has reached a subjective level, where it has become a keyboard weapon dispenser of "Wanton Missives of Distortion (WMD's)" for the interests of the "Alt(ernative Facts) Left" in Los Angeles.

Pausing briefly, we should disclose that the motivation for this missive, was given birth by a Times story yesterday, meant to be dismissive of the reality of a violent, intolerant (and Journalists-targeting via CNN's Jake Tapper) "Alt-Left", which prompted a healthy chuckle (especially if you been accosted by Black Lives Matter at recent Police Commission Meetings)  ..........., and the motivation to substantiate the premise of our missive.
Since the November Election of, NOW President Donald Trump, the Times has aspired to move beyond its current fronting of the JV Team of Fake Newsprint purveyors, as exampled by its Six Part WMD Series, accusing the, NOW (bolded again for myopid-impaired Times Editorial Board) Commander in Chief of dubious character traits .........., that American Voters found to be deplorable in the repudiated (again) "Wife of  Bill Clinton Campaign".
In addition to continuing its parroting of the Varsity Squad (New York Times & Washington Post) of Fake Newsprint's ILLEGAL Russian Investigation Leaks, the Times has been a Fellow Trafficer in keyboarding WMDs, that promotes the California Republic and City of Los Angeles and the Alt(ernative Facts) Left's RESISTANCE against specific policies of the Trump Administration, as noted below.  
Illegal Immigration: There is no TOLERANCE for the word ILLEGAL at the LA Times when discussing unchecked Immigration (or in reality, a supposed, future Democratic Voter Bloc via Amnesty, replacing their neglected, FORMER White supporters in the pending, re-vitalized Rust Belt). 
The WALL: Its laughable (and the Times agree) that the newly-bestowed "Joesito Cedillo McCarthy", would want an American Government Entity to legally sanction an indigenous business for providing its expertise on a project that protect this nation's Sovereignty (Larry "Nativo Cohn" may have some alternative thoughts). 
Climate Change: Bluntly, the LA Times does NOT allow for contrary opinion regarding alleged, Human-caused Climate Change (BTW, it was 40 degrees this AUGUST morning in Big Bear.)
Race Relations: DONALD TRUMP AND REPUBLICANS ARE FASCIST RACISTS!! But disregard the likes of Antifa, Black Lives Matter, MECHA and ALL non-whites victims groups from having any racist tendencies.
Those issues noted, what we find more TROUBLING is a new Times INTOLERANCE , exampled by Columnist Robin Abcarian, who's alleged CONDONING OF VIOLENCE against Conservative Ben Shapiro, is finding an increasing audience among those in the media and academia who want to legitimize the violence of Antifa, in intimidating those who are against the Democratic/Media Leftist Agenda. 
Judging from the reaction of the Assembled Media to the "Alt-Left Comment" of President Trump at Tuesday's Press Conference, the Commander in Chief provoked a TELLING REACTION that exposed the Media Brothers and Sisters of the "Alt(ernative Facts) Left", who's failing influence in the Age of New Media, is stripping bare the EQUALLY, INNER-EVIL of their Marxist-Leninist Left ideals-----Scott Johnson.

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