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Friday, August 04, 2017

Its Time for a Mayor Sam Bloggin Reset ..........

With no apologies to a certain "Ex Blameless (HAHA!) Wife of Bill Clinton Presidential Candidate", the Mayor Sam Blog commences a BLOGGIN RESET, that expands our political musings beyond our normal 200 Spring Street-centered coverage ............, without ABSOLUTELY any pre-conditions.   
We are Hitting The Bloggin Reset Button .........., with ABSOLUTELY no accommodations to the Local, State and National Political Establishments (of BOTH Parties).

** Blogger's Notes: For those within the local Political Establishment who thought that the recent absence of postings here at Mayor Sam, was a sign of our cyber demise, we have a one word Spanish response ............, CHALE!! Briefly, life priorities for this blogger DO NOT place cyber musings paramount, especially with family and work obligation requiring added attention this time of year. That stated, today is the appropriate time (that the Political Establishment will take chagrin to), to announce that we are Hitting the Bloggin Reset Button. Our absence from keyboarding missives did not preclude us from keeping informed on the latest Political Chisme (think "University of Scandalous Conduct", aka. USC). In addition, our Bloggin Bunker is not far from the latest "Ground Zero" in the Gentrification Controversy, being fronted by a minority racist few, who rather foster continuing Community Degeneration ........., through Segregation. Below, we briefly touch upon topics which will merit bloggin extrapolation in the days ahead-----Scott Johnson in CD-14. 
ALL POLITICS ARE LOCAL: With apologies to a long ago, Talk Radio Host, its time to commence a CD-14 Neighborhood Council Tour to gauge whether the supposed Community Entities, are actually facilitating dialog on the issues affecting their constituents ..........., and NOT enabling the Political Needs of a certain, Princeton Graduate Officeholder.
THE REAL SCANDAL MONGERS AMONG THE LOS ANGELES COMMUNITY COLLEGE BOARD OF TRUSTEES: With NO APOLOGIES to the Unlawful Cubafornia Republic State Senate Presiding Officer Kevin Alexander of Leon's (K.A. Leon for short) "Construction Donors", the "Political Dim and Dimmer Duo" of Trustees Gabriel Buelna and Steve Veres, SCREWED K.A. Leon's Buddies, via their botched Power Play. More later .........
THE UNIVERSITY OF SCANDALOUS CONDUCT (aka. USC) CHRONICLES CONTINUE: With the "Old Gray Trump-hating Hag on Spring Street's (aka. LA Times)" Accidental Journalism Story Budgeting exhausted for now, we are working on our own Bloggin Exclusive pertaining to the President Max Nikias Administration's continuing dysfunction/corruption.
ANOTHER PERISHING SPECIAL ELECTION: We will be fixated on the Special Election to replace a 434th Ranked Congressman (from Riverside), who's name escapes us momentarily.
EXPANDING OUR BLOGGIN HORIZONS: We our expanding our cyber coverage to incorporate the municipalities afflicted by the FAKE REPORTING (allegedly) of a "Propagandist for Hire".


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