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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

City Attorney Mike Feuer's "Convenient Ignorance" of Recent Acts of Hate and Free Speech Suppression

Never to let an opportunity (Charlottesville) for self-promoting grandstanding go to waste, City Attorney (and Co-author of Cop-killing/endangering AB-109 Legislation) Mike Feuer, espouses Rally Permits Denial for "Hate Groups (established code-phrase for Republican Groups?)" as he feigns Convenient Ignorance of recent Acts of Hate, along with Speech Suppression ........., by Non-Whites in Southern CD-14.
Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer
** Blogger's Notes: On this Tuesday, August 22, 2017, History will note that Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer officially-sided with protecting the Interests of Illegal Immigrants, while days before, espousing that the "Gathering Rights" of supposed "Hateful Americans", be denied. 
Its a tired practice of aspiring Career Politicos (as exampled by the former Bet Tzedek Executive Director), to GRANDSTAND (specially when the local "Fishwrap of Disinformation ....., on Spring Street", concurs) on a Policy Issue that will garner like-minded support, increase name recognition ..........., and cover up (NAUGHT) the DAMNING FACT that the City of LA's Top Lawyer was the CO-AUTHOR of Cop-Killing/Endangering AB-109 Prison Realignment Legislation

Its also DOCUMENTED (as noted below) that LA's Top Attorney has been "Conveniently Ignorant/SILENT" regarding recent, alleged Hate Crimes and the attempted suppression of Free Speech ......, by Leftest, Non White, Racist Hatemongers in Southern Council District (CD) 14.
 Bluntly, Feuer is a COWARD for fronting testimonials of his Father's World War Two Prisoner of War Internment by the Germans ............., while remaining SILENT about his Co-Authoring Duplicity in the Death of Whittier Police Officer Keith Boyer, who was murdered by a supposed "Low Level, Non-Violent Offender".  
We would be offensively remiss if we did not mention that City Attorney Feuer's Legal Action in SUPPORT of Sanctuary Cities, preserves the conditions that were responsible for the Murder of Jamiel Shaw Jr. by an Illegal Alien Gang Member .........., who's alleged RIGHTS, Feuer finds more paramount in protecting-----Scott Johnson.
The Ramona Gardens Firebombing of African-American Families by Latino Gang Members, merited an episode of Convenient Ignorance by City Attorney Mike Feuer. 
The Nazi Germany-like Hate/Racial Targeting of Boyle Heights Art Galleries, was an other episode of Convenient Ignorance by City Attorney Mike Feuer. 
A HATEFUL, LEFTIST Non-Profit targeting of a Boyle Heights Coffee Shop is yet another example of Convenient Ignorance by City Attorney Mike Feuer.
Only a WRETCHED POLITICAL SOUL can remain Conveniently Ignorance of his Co-Authored Duplicity in the Death of Whittier Police Officer Keith Boyer.

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