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Monday, August 14, 2017

Afternoon Briefs regarding the Hypocritical Los Angeles Political Machine on this "Monday After" Charlottesville

As the Local Political Establishment (including CD-14 City Councilman Jose Huizar) parrots the Main Stream Media's (MSM) condemnation of President Donald Trump over Saturdays despicable events in Charlottesville, Virginia, we bloggin note the DOCUMENTED lack of rapid repudiation to past Racial Attacks in CD-14. 
The Scene of Firebombings of African-American Families in Ramona Gardens.
** Blogger's Notes: So damned predictable ........., again. It never fails that when two repugnant factions of the Racist Left (Nazi/Klan Kluckers vs. Communists/Anarchists/the ANTIFA Group/Black Lives Matter) collide at the crossroads of a protest, the innocent get hurt (or tragically killed) and Political Hypocrisy REIGNS ..........., especially if the President happens to be a Republican. 

The cowardly-use of a vehicle to injure, maim and kill a Young Woman of Peace, was the Starter Pistol for those in the Media and Politics to go Usain Bolt, devolving quickly into agenda-driven sprint of Twitter self-promotion, in seeking to afflict blame (via reinforcing racially-tinged political talking points) on President Trump
Locally, the likes of Congresswoman Maxine Waters, Mayor Eric Garcetti and the normally huevon-pace CD-14 City Councilman Jose Huizar, could not RESIST in resorting to Twitter in using a set amount of (empty) characters, to condemn President Trump ........., for the expansive actions of Leftists, engaging in a self beat down (again)
But recent events in the local GROUND ZERO of RACIAL INTOLERANCE (in Southern CD-14), will bare WITNESS that the likes of Congresswoman Waters, Mayor Garcetti and a certain Princeton Graduate ..........., were derelict in timely repudiating alleged (and documented) Hate Crimes, committed by NON-WHITES.
Ask Congresswoman Waters to Google her name and Ramona Gardens Firebombings and ............., were waiting for ANY results that note HER condemnation of the attacks targeting African-American Families by Latino Gang Members. Maybe it had to do with the TRUE narrative that NON-WHITES also engage in HATE CRIMES against other minority groups.
Ask Councilman Huizar what was more paramount on his Political Agenda, calling for a SWIFT investigation of the MEGA President Trump Donor Geoff Palmer's Di Vinci Complex Fire or waiting a MONTH to condemn the Firebombings. Maybe, it had to do with the TRUE narrative that there is no political capital to be garnered in outing Hate Crimes by NON-WHITES, unless Rick Coca can Choreograph a Press Event that cast "HIM" as the "Reward Originator". 
The likes of Hancock Park-residing Congresswoman Waters, Rhodes Scholar Garcetti and Princeton Graduate Huizar, have NO reason to be ignorant to the history of their Political Party, that include Race-based policies that gave birth to the KKK in the Nineteenth Century, collaborated with Socialists/Communists last century and is now responsible for the likes of Antifa, Black Lives Matter and THOSE who find Art Galleries, along with a Cesar Chavez Ave. Coffee Shop, the motivation for a new Racial Pogrom .........., in formerly JEWISH, Boyle Heights----Scott Johnson.
 The racial-targeting of anglo-owned Art Galleries in Boyle Heights.
Protesting an allege Symbol of Racial (White) Colonialism in Boyle Heights. 

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