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Saturday, August 19, 2017

A Bloggin "University of Scholastic Compromise (USC)" Teachable Moment featuring ..........., A Horse Named Traveler (soon to become Elmers?)

As the Student Body of the "University of Scholastic Compromise (USC)" under the CONTROL of President Max Nikias), returns for another expensive year of quality indoctrination, the Mayor Sam Blog proudly offers this FREE bloggin Teachable Moment on the subject of "A Horse Named Traveler (with one L)". 
The MASTERMIND of Communal, Educational, Ethical Deconstructing and enabler of Medical School Dean's Drug Use Safe Space at the "University of Scandalous Conduct", President Max Nikias.
** Blogger's Notes: Its no blogging understatement to keyboard that CONTROVERSY REIGNS at this moment in Politics, Race Relations, Media ............., and AGAIN at the apparent "University of Scholastic Compromise (USC)". A member of the African-America Student Body during an evening, on-campus Charlottesville Solidarity Rally, noted that the school's Mascot "Traveler" shared the same name as Confederate General Robert E. Lee's Horse "Traveller", in stating that "white supremacy hits close to home (more on that below)". In response to this latest USC Controversy, the LA Times allocated, RARE Accidental Journalism Story Budgeting, in seeking to find the "Missing L" that would link the naming of the original "Traveler (USC' is on its Ninth Version)" to Lee's "Traveller". That stated, we here at Mayor Sam, in the spirit of the late, Inner City Educator Marva Collins, present the following Teachable Moment, that will will educate, then liberate (via facts and remedies) the AFFLICTED at USC-----Scott Johnson (** FOR THE RECORD: We should note that there has been NO accusations that UCLA's "Bruin" Mascot, is a SECRET Trump-supporting, Russian Bear)   
A Horse/Mascot named Traveler (with one L). * Note Traveler's PURE WHITENESS that former School President (and Eugenics Supporter) Rufas von KleinSmid, would of found genetically proper. 

Exhibit Number # 1: In deference to a USC Student Body that was exposed to Public Schools K-12 Common Core Curriculum, we must FIRST ponder why an obvious, Trust-funded, Privileged Traveler (with one L) is of PURE white lineage? It may be for the same reason that former USC President Rufas von KleinSmid authored this missive on the "Science of Population Control", also embraced by Planned Parenthood Founder (and Democratic Party HERO) Margaret Sanger.  
Confederate General Robert E. Lee on his Horse named Traveller (with two Ls). Note that General Lee's Horse was of mixed color. 
Exhibit Number # 2: Note that contrary to the PURE appearance of the USC Traveler (with one L), the photo above shows that Lee's Traveller (with two Ls), was of mixed color. Its also a FACT that General Lee had no problem mixing with freed African-Americans in worship ......., Less than a month after the end of the war, Lee was attending services at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Richmond. When it came time for communion, a black man came forward and knelt at the rail. Everyone in the church froze, no white person would take communion next to him. It was Lee who rose and walked forward to kneel next to the black man and take communion. With Lee setting the example, the rest of the congregation followed.
Scene from the Movie "Animal House" where Delta Fraternity Brothers "Bluto" and "D-Day" help Pledge "Flounder", take revenge on Fascist, Militarist Hatemonger Neidermeyer's Traveler-like Mount. 
Exhibit Number # 3: When discerning the FACTS via Exhibit One and Two, the reaction of MOST of USC's Administration, Alumni, Faculty and Trust-funded Student Body, will be merely chant FIGHT ON (and buy Peace of Soul, via a donation to a Liberal Non-Profit). But there may be a minute few who may seek to embrace their LEARNED (at a loaned, higher tuition cost), Inner-Antifa/Black Live Manner Persona ........, and take DRASTIC action. The above video may serve as a Tutorial how to execute a planned, "CLEANSING OF MASCOT PURITY", in the spirit of sustaining ........   
........., a future supply of Elmer's. which would make a great addition to the markers, crayolas and connect-the-dots art projects found in a "Uiniversity of Snowflake Coddling (USC)" Safe Space.

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