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Monday, June 05, 2017

The Political Split of "Papi Villar" and "Mijo Huizar"

A vindictive Political Mijo Jose Huizar's Endorsement of Gubernatorial Candidate John Chiang over NOW ex Political Papi Antonio Villar, is the Final Act of a once Mutualistic Relationship, with possible future adverse ramifications on a speculative Richelle Rios Huizar CD-14 Campaign.
Former Political Papi Tony is all LAUGHS (mixed with planned Payback) at his EX. Mijo's Huizzy Endorsement of Controller John Chiang for Governor.
** Blogger's Notes: In a CD-14 Political Life, there comes a time when an ambitious Mijo grows up ......., and backstabs his Patronage Papi (again) in an Act of Self (with Spouse) Advancement. 

Indulging in a momentary bloggin flashback, we remember a time in 2002 when then CD-14 City Council Nick Pacheco KICKED OFF his unsuccessful Re-election Campaign against the Parke Skelton-crafted (with supporting Agenda Musings via the "LA Antonio Times") Pop Star Politico Antonio Villaraigosa.
Among the crowd of various City Hall Politicos, Community Activists and Pacheco Loyalists gathered at the Soto and Cesar Chavez (formerly Brooklyn Ave.) Event, was a young, aspiring LAUSD School Board Member, who's Academic (Princeton Graduate) and Professional (Land Use Lawyer) Resume, was indicative of an upwards Political Potential.
But what became obvious to Pacheco in 2005, as he sought to regain his former Office after the Mayoral Victory of  Villaraigosa, was the FACT that the supposed loyalty of  Jose Huizar was only conditional ........, pending on the Political Value/Benefits for his own ambitions.
Twelve years later, now Gubernatorial Candidate Antonio Villar is have a "Pacheco Moment" as the former "Mijo" who he help become "City Councilman Jose Huizar", again showcases his "Conditional Loyalty" as the Princeton Graduate announces his endorsement of Controller John Chiang for Governor
It would be easy to keyboard that the Councilman Huizar's Endorsement of Controller Chiang, was an Act of Political Payback, for Villaraigosa's support of former LA County Board of Supervisor Gloria Molina in her 2015 unsuccessful CD-14 City Council Campaign.
But unlike Huizar, Villaraigosa's support of Molina was predicated on LOYALTY for her endorsement of his early political aspirations ..........., and not a act of abandoning a Mentor in the hope of creating a future, self-serving (and enriching) "Huizar Family Political Dynasty"----Scott Johnson.
Its a Political Reality that Antonio Villaraigosa will NOT serve up support for a speculative "Richelle Rios Huizar Campaign".
"Blow Gabriel Blow (he did)" on the FORMER Political Papi y Mijo Relationship of Huizzy and Tony.
 A former, tender "Political Mijo and Papi Moment".

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