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Sunday, May 14, 2017

The Rodriguez Campaign goes FULL MENTIROSA (Liar) on Karo .........., and Richard Alarcon

With less than 48 hours remaining before the CD-7 Runoff Election Day, the "MENTIROSA Monica Rodriguez Campaign" goes DESPERATE (with VERY possible legal ramifications), as it attempts to compare Challenger Karo Torossian to former "Indicted, Convicted (Ooops!! Overturned on Appeal) CD 7/2 City Councilman Richard AlarCON". 
Former CD-7 City Councilman Richard Alarcon must be STILL laughing after The MENTIROSA Monica Rodriguez Campaign FALSELY stated his (OVERTURNED) Conviction on a Campaign Mailer. 
** Blogger's Notes: With less than 48 hours remain before Tuesday's CD-7 City Council Runoff Election, its READILY apparent that "The MENTIROSA (LIAR in Espanol) Monica Rodriguez Campaign" is DESPERATE. As the Daily News reports that an investigation has been requested by City Council President (and current CD-7 Administrator) Herb Wesson regarding the ILLEGAL removal of Challenger Karo Torossian Campaign Signs, the MENTIROSA Monica Campaign sent out a REPUGNANT ATTACK MAILER that insinuates Candidate Torossian exhibits the same "UNETHICAL TRAITS" that led to the former CD-7 City Coucilman Richard Alarcon's "Indictment and Conviction (allegedly)" on Residency Issues. But (and a BIG BUT it is), the MENTROSA Monica Campaign FAIL to note that AlarCON's Conviction was OVERTURNED on Appeal ......., which prompted the comment by the, NOW FORMERLY Indicted and Convicted CD-2/7 City Councilman Richard AlarCON below. In retrospect, a past ethically-challeged POLITICAL MENTIROSA (in 2007), is now a DESPERATE POLITICAL MENTIROSA (in 2017)----Scott Johnson.

From the Los Angeles Times on June 20, 2016:panel of justices Wednesday threw out the perjury and voter fraud convictions of former L.A. City Councilman Richard Alarcon and his wife, ruling that the trial judge had issued improper jury instructions.
The BIG OOPS via "The MENTIROSA Monica Rodriguez Campaign".
 Desperate (and losing) Campaigns resort to Dysfunctional, Agreigious Behavior.
Meanwhile, the Daily News reports the following on FALLOUT from KCBS.KCAL's Investigated Report via David Goldstein, regarding the ILLEGAL removal of Campaign Signs  ..........., After learning of the incident caught on Pacheco’s video, Council President Herb Wesson’s office “immediately alerted the Los Angeles City Ethics Commission, the City Attorney’s Office and the Los Angeles Police Department and further requested that the matter be investigated,” spokeswoman Vanessa Rodriguez said in an email. 

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