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Friday, May 05, 2017

For The Record .............., regarding "Lying Eve" Sinclair's Falsehoods

 The Mayor Sam Blog GLADLY goes ON THE RECORD in repudiating the REGURGITATED (originating with Anti-Armenian, former Assemblyman Mike Gatto), conspiracy utterances by Board of Neighborhoods Commissioner (BONC) "LYING EVE" Sinclair, which FALSELY insinuated a financial relationship between Political Consultant Eric Hacopian and this Bloggin Entity. 
Board of Neighborhood Commissioner (when rarely Present) "Lying Eve" Sinclair.
** Blogger's Notes: How DESPERATE is the Fresh Face of the Northeast San Fernando Valley Democratic Machine Monica Rodriguez, in seeking to replace "FU Fuentes" as the CD-7 City Council Officeholder? 
Considering that the former San Fernando High School CLASSMATE of Late Mayor Sam Blog Founder Michael Higby, has remain SILENT while her Campaign Supporter BONC Commissioner "LYING EVE" Sinclair REGURGITATES, conspiracy utterances that originated from associates of DOCUMENTED, Armenian-American Voter Discriminator (and CURRENT Campaign Donor), former Assemblyman "Lil Mikey" Gatto ........, we DARE say that "Lady M-Rod" has become devoid of a CONSCIOUS.  
FOR THE RECORD, Political Consultant Eric Hacopian DOES NOT own any interest .........., and has NEVER paid/compensated ANYONE associated with the Mayor Sam, Sister City Blog, contrary to the past comments of CURRENT "Lady M-Rod" Campaign Contributor Mike Gatto in a LA 
Weekly missive. 

Gatto claims that Higby was "bought off" by Eric Hacopian, a political consultant who worked for Gatto's 2010 Armenian-American opponent, Nayiri Nahabedian. "These charges are so stupid," Hacopian says. "He really said that?" (To be fair, Johnson has taken the side of many Hacopian clients, including Nahabedian, Adrin Nazarian, Luis Lopez and Rudy Martinez.)

FOR THE RECORD,  supporters of former Assemblyman Mike Gatto savagely ATTACKED Michael Higby, via an anonymous Burbank Blog that falsely accuse him of ethical transgressions and mocked his physical infirmities.

FOR THE RECORD, we attended a Sunland-Tujunga Neighborhood Council Special Meeting that focus on the CONTROVERSIAL Vision Zero Traffic Impact on Foothill Blvd, but fail to obtain Quorum, in part to the absence (again?) of ..........., "LYING EVE" Sinclair.

THUS, "LYING EVE" would find it wise to dispense with the SOCK PUPPET regurgitation of Falsehoods, originating from a DOCUMENTED, Discriminator of the Armenian-American Community ........., and an Ex. Politico with "ISSUES"-----Scott Johnson.
HI!! I'm the "Lying Eve (Sinclair) SOCK PUPPET" (with comments screened/approved by Monica Rodroguez ......., and FINANCED by Armenian Ethnic Voter Cleanser "Lil Mikey" Gatto).
Mike Gatto For Treasurer 2018
ID: 1385974 
Encino, CA 91436-1856

San Francisco, CA 94107-5705  
Monica Rodriguez 
Council Member - District 7

1395159 - Monica Rodriguez for City Council 2017 - General
A - Monetary Contribution Received 

Period: 01/01/17 to 04/01/17
Election: 05/16/17
Documented PROOF of Anti-Armenian, former Assemblyman Mike Gatto's SUPPORT of Monica Rodriguez.

"Lying Eve" Sinclair's REGURGITATED (and factually-challenged) Conspiracy, targeting Consultant Eric Hacopian and the Mayor Sam Blog, via the supporters of Mike Gatto. 

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