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Tuesday, May 09, 2017

BREAKING NEWS!! KCAL/KCBS's David Goldstein to Expose Possible Illegal Campaign Actions in CD 7 Tonight

With a week remaining before the May CD-7 Runoff Election, the Monica Rodriguez Campaign is the FOCUS, again of unethical allegations as KCAL/KCBS's Investigative Reporter David Goldstein exposes a Taxpayers-financed Community Base Organization's (CBO) Illegal Removal of Challenger Karo Torossian Signage.
Will "Lady M Rod" denounce the multiple acts of Illegal and Repugnant Behavior by Associates of her Campaign.
** Blogger's Notes: With a week remaining before the May CD-7 Runoff Election, its READILY apparent that the Monica "Lady M Rod" Rodriguez Campaign (and supporters) are exhibiting complete DISDAIN for rules .........., and morals. From the alleged, ILLEGAL removal of Campaign Signage, as disclosed by KCAL/KCBS Investigative Reporter David Goldstein, to former Female CD-7 Candidates being the targets of misogynist comments, along with a supposed, temporary/neutral City Council President/Council District Administrator Herb Wesson, using a Townhall to promote his "Candidate of Choice" .........., the "Establishment" is using all it resources to insure that their "Fresh Face" gets elected----Scott Johnson.   

Still photo from tonight's KCAL/KCBS Investigative Reporter David Goldstein EXCLUSIVE on the alleged, ILLEGAL removal of Campaign Signage by a Taxpayer's-financed CBO.   

Was last Saturday's supposed "CD-7 Townhall Workshop", in REALITY, a "Monica Rodriguez Meet and Greet"?
Is Disparaging Women acceptable behavior in the Lady M Rod Campaign?

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