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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Morning Briefs on the Broken Deal Cedillo Corruption Machine for Wednesday

In lieu of the latest Racially-ting Attack ("Go back to India") directed at CD-1 City Council Candidate Joe Bray-Ali via an alleged Councilman Gil Cedillo Supporter, the Mayor Sam Blog presents a Bloggin Deconstructing of the CD 1 Career Politico's Hypocrisy and numerous Betrayals of the Community Trust. 
F%$#!! Our racially-ting, factually-lacking and Developers-financed Campaign exposed (again).
** Blogger's Notes: Its only Hump Day Wednesday before Noon and for the increasingly reviled CD1 City Councilman Gil Cedillo Re-election Campaign, the week following Easter is trending in a downward spiral with no apparent bottom.
First, surrogates of the Cedillo Campaign pushed a supposed expose on a "law-breaking, backroom deal (pictured below)" between Runoff Challenger Joe Bray-Ali and former Candidate Jesse Rosas that outlines conditions for Rosas Runoff Endorsement of Bray-Ali. 
"The Contract with Northeast LA CD-1 Constituents"
For a FLEETING MOMENT, we thought that the CD-1 Incumbent had converted to the "Political Religion of Openness and Transparency (NAUGHT!!)".But in reviewing what we have coined the SIGNED, "Contract with Northeast LA, CD-1 Constituents", this is a non controversy ..........., unlike the excerpt from the FBI Affidavit pertaining to a proposed "STAE JOB FOR SUPPORT BACKROOM DEAL" between "El State Senate Presidente Pro Tempore K. Alexander Leon the First" and Indicted/Convicted, former State Senator (and BOSS of Gil Cedillo Jr., more later) Ron Calderon (pictured below for your review). Can you say HYPOCRISY??
BIG HUG for Cedillo from Indicted/Convicted former State Senator Ron Calderon who NEVER benefited from a proposed "State Job for Support Deal" as noted tn the above excerpt from a FBI Affidavit.
Second, the racially-ting campaign rhetoric via the Cedillo Campaign was exposed again at a ROWDY Campaign Debate in Pico Union on Monday Night, as reported by KPCC.

Although the evening focused on housing issues, a jarring moment brought a loud crowd reaction when a member of the audience shouted at Bray-Ali to "go back to India.".

Its no secret that the audiences at CD 1 Candidate Forums/Debates have been UBER exuberant in expressing their support for the candidate of choice, but in recent weeks since the March Election, the racially-tinged attacks against Challenger Bray-Ali have become more pronounced.

Third, former LA Weekly Political Writer Patrick Range McDonald EXPOSED Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and the City Council (including "Broken Deal Cedillo") for REDIRECTING FUNDS from Measure HHH which was to EXCLUSIVELY FUND Homeless Housing.

But only weeks after Measure HHH was approved on November 8, the betrayal of the homeless — and LA voters — was well underway at the hands of Garcetti, the City Council (including "Broken Deal Cedillo"), and the City Administrative Officer. In December 2016, the City Council approved the final details of the AHOS program, which was organized by the City Administrative Officer with much input from the City Council and mayor. It had turned into something startlingly different from what City Hall politicians had been promising — and what the LA Times had been describing. The City Administrative Officer recommended, and the City Council approved, an AHOS program that now offered “affordable multifamily housing,” “mixed-income housing,” “affordable homeownership,” “innovative methods of housing,” and, finally, “permanent supportive housing” for the homeless.

We previously noted how "Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire Cedillo" LIED to the Lincoln Heights Community ..........., only to be OUTED for fronting a October, 2016 Press Conference denouncing the alleged ramifications of the Neighborhood Integrity Initiative/Measure S Passage on Measure HHH Homeless Developments.
  "Broken Deal Cedillo's" Infamous Lincoln Heights Parking Lot Press Conference in October, 2016.

But instead, the reality is ............,

City officials are currently sorting through the proposals for projects that will make up the AHOS program. With complete certainty, permanent supportive housing will not be built at every city-owned property — five sites in Lincoln Heights, which is represented by Councilman Gil Cedillo, have already been designated for “mixed-income” housing. As a result, the city’s use of Measure HHH money for the AHOS program will not go entirely to homeless housing, and homeless men, women, and children will not receive the full amount of housing and services that Mayor Eric Garcetti and the City Council had promised. Instead, an affluent professional, the only person who can afford market-rate housing in L.A., may land a nice pad on city-owned property in increasingly gentrified Lincoln Heights or near the beach on the Westside. It’s the very definition of a scandal.

........., meriting in NAUGHT granting "Broken Deal Cedillo" a Second Term----Scott Johnson.

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