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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Ask A Blogger: Did OC Weekly's Gustavo Arrellano Keyboard the CLASSIC Retort against Petty Political Attacks (by the "Broken Deal Cedillo Campaign")?

A factually-challenged LA Times Report (via an alleged EDITED Copy of an OC Weekly "Ask A Mexican Video") of a supposed, racially-insensitive comment by CD 1 City Council Runoff Candidate Joe Bray-Ali (in 2008) ..........., is the apparent motivation for a CLASSIC Retort by the respected OC Weekly's Editor Gustavo Arellano, regarding the latest racially-tinged Personal Attack by the Gil Cedillo Campaign.

Special Note to LA Times Reporter Dakota Smith and Editors ......... BIG DIFFERENCE between 13 and 97 seconds (1:37), regarding the "Ask A Mexican Video", featuring Joe Bray-Ali's, NOW infamous "Car Horn/Door Bell Question". 
"Broken Deal Cedillo" is pondering Political Sanctuary Options after his latest racially-tinged Personal Attack against Joe Bray-Ali ........,is denounced by OC Weekly Editor Gustavo "Ask A Mexican" Arellano. 
** Blogger's Notes: We keyboard this observation yesterday regarding CD 1 City Councilman Gil Cedillo Re-election Campaign .........., Its only Hump Day Wednesday before Noon and for the increasingly reviled CD1 City Councilman Gil Cedillo Re-election Campaign, the week following Easter is trending in a downward spiral with no apparent bottom ........, and today, it has exited the Earth via the South Pole.
Bluntly, Team Cedillo knows NO SHAME as its latest attempt to smear Runoff Challenger Joe Bray-Ali as a lying, gentrifying, racist, former Republican .........., BACKFIRED big time (with help of a factually-challenged LA Times Report), as a NOW repudiated Personal Attack, was no match for a CLASSIC RETORT via "Ask A Mexican Feature Creator (and current OC Weekly Editor) Gusatvo Arellano. 
FIRST,  Arellano's SURPRISE reaction to one of his "Ask A Mexican VIdeo" becoming the subject of the latest Petty Personal Attack in the CD 1 Runoff Campaign.

So imagine my surprise this morning when radio legend Tom Leykis tagged me on Facebook with a "Now look what you did!" and a link to a Los Angeles Times article that appeared last night. It appears that one Joe Bray-Ali, who's running against legendary Chicano politician (and current Los Angeles City Council District 1 representative Gil Cedillo), has apologized because he submitted a question to my YouTube ¡Ask a Mexican! in 2008. Then, he asked why Mexicans like to use car horns as doorbells. Bray-Ali's problem, at the time, was that they woke up his baby daughter, which he used as a prop in the video to score cheap sympathy points with me (it didn't work). Roll the tape (posted above)! Man, I miss that flowery shirt..

FURTHER ............, 

Cedillo's team—caught by surprise that they couldn't get Gil a win in the primary, and who now must actually work to ensure he wins the upcoming runoff—sent a version (an edited 13 seconds copy according to the LA Times Dakota Smith) of the video to reporters after a supporter yelled at Bray-Ali "Go back to India!" during a debate earlier this week. “Joe apologizes,” a Bray-Ali spokesperson told Times reporter Dakota Smith. “He says the comment was stupid and it’s amazing how social media can remind of the mistakes of youth. This was nine years ago.


On Facebook, Cedillo's supporters (including the likes of USC's David Galaviz Martha Escutia and other assorted Race-mongers) are trying to use Bray-Ali's question as proof he's racist, ridiculing his spokesperson's assertion to the Times that George Lopez has made jokes about Mexicans as car horns. Bray-Ali, for his part, told one of my pals on Facebook that the reason he did the video way back when was because he's a fan of mine, but "Sucks I had an urge to make a video like this." 

Team Cedillo must be HATING, being in the Target Zone.
Fuck Smith for not doing her research and realizing that Bray-Ali's question was directed at me—that dramatically changes the dynamics of the story. Fuck Cedillo's team for responding to a racial taunt by one of his supporters by sending reporters the question to turn the tables on Bray-Ali (Cedillo, for his part, denounced the nastiness, although one of his fans is now leaving anti-Indian comments on my clip). Fuck Cedillo's supporters for not allowing Bray-Ali to ask a legitimate question about Mexicans to a column set up for that. Fuck any Cedillo supporters who think the very act of engaging with ¡Ask a Mexican! is racistGil sure didn't think so when he was a member of the Latino Legislative Caucus in 2008 when they awarded me with a Latino Spirit Award for what they said was my "exceptional vision, creativity, and work ethic."

BUT TO BE OBJECTIVE ............,  

Fuck Bray-Ali's supporters for trying to drag in former state senator Martha Escutia (we respectfully disagree) into the "Go back to India!" debacle. Fuck Bray-Ali's brother for sending me a Facebook message that got sent to that filtered folder bullshit—my email's pretty easy to find, bruh. Fuck Bray-Ali for apologizing and taking back his question—implies what you did was wrong, which it wasn't. With fans like you, who needs enemies?


Everyone involved: don't use my column for your pathetic needs. Take a deep breath, and concentrate on issues that matter in District 1, like housing affordability and the fact that gentrified* Highland Park is overrated 


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