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Sunday, April 23, 2017

A Special Message for Progressive Bernie Sanders Supporters in CD-1 ......., and Beyond

Racism is the LAST REFUGE for Political Scoundrels such as embattled CD-1 City Councilman Gil Cedillo, who seeks to hide his BETRAYAL of Progressive Leader Bernie Sanders, via his CLOSE DOOR MEETING (and taking of Campaign Money) with President Donald Trump MEGA DONOR (and Downtown LA Developer) Geoff Palmer ....... on the DAY BEFORE last June's California Primary (6-6-16).
We BARE TRUE WITNESS to Gil Cedillo's BETRAYAL of the Progressive Bernie Sanders Revolution ......., on June 6, 2016
** Blogger's Notes: Memo to the numerous, proud Progressive Supporters of Bernie Sanders in Council District One (CD-1) and beyond ............., you have a "Vendido Fifth Columnist" within your ranks of supposed loyal Brothers and Sisters. On June 6, 2016, while many of you were engaging in campaigning against the CORRUPT, Wife of Bill Clinton Democratic Machine, CD-1 City Councilman Gil "Broken Deal Cedillo" was inflicting a "BURN OF BETRAYAL" to the Progressive Cause ........, by meeting with (and taking Campaign Money from), NOW President Donald Trump MEGA DONOR, Downtown LA Developer Geoff Palmer. The "Yes on Measure S Campaign" released the Report documenting the Cedillo/Palmer Meeting as part of a DETAIL expose on City Hall enabling of Mega Developments within the City of Los Angeles (despite repeated STONEWALLING of California Public Records Act requests by various Public Officials ......., including Councilman Cedillo). Progressive Voters in CD-1 should STRONGLY consider why the Cedillo Campaign has resorted to repugnant, racially-tinged personal attacks against May Runoff Challenger Joe Bray-Ali which may have to do with seeking (unsuccessfully) to hide his betrayal of Progressive Values (as documented below) and most paramount .........., to CD-1 Constituents----Scott Johnson. 
From the "Yes on Measure S Campaign Report" that outed CD 1 City Councilman Gil Cedillo's Meeting with Trump MEGA DONOR Geoff Palmer ......., on the DAY BEFORE the California Democratic Primary.
Page 2 of "Yes on Measure S Campaign Report" outing Gil Cedillo's Meeting with Geoff Palmer.

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