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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Karo Torossian's MAJOR Monica Ratliff CD-7 Runoff Endorsement

The Neighborhoods First Coalition of CD-7 May Runoff Candidate Karo Torossian received further validation, with the MAJOR Endorsement of March CD-7 Election Third Place Candidate LAUSD School Board Member Monica Ratliff, joining the growing majority of former Office-seekers and Community Activists in opposing "BIG OIL MONICA".
The Union of Karo and Monica R. is a positive for a growing CD-7 Neighborhoods First Initiative.
** Blogger's Note: With PROPS to Sunland-Tujunga Crow's Nest Proprietor Art Minor, the Mayor Sam Blog enjoyed a GREAT EVENING among the Character Activists of the Greater S.T. Community, as aspiring CD-7 Runoff City Council Candidate Karo Torossian engaged potential voters in a Monday Meet and Greet. We are sure that Candidate Karo found it refreshing to not have a time limit, in responding to voter questions which enable him to showcase his VAST knowledge of diverse policy issues. It was also VERY clear that the Tujunga Resident enjoys the support of the majority of the Character Activists within the Community, a fact that should bid him well as his "Neighborhoods First Initiative" garners more support among CD-7 Voters, especially with the Major Announcement the following morning of LAUSD School Board Member Monica Ratliff's Endorsement. BTW, we are receiving reports of a pending BIG OIL MONICA Outreach Event, update pending----Scott Johnson.
CD-7 City Council Candidate Karo Torossian takes questions at Crow's Nest Meet and Greet.

Table Decoration ........ with Liquid Libation.
Crow's Nest Proprietor Art Minor introducing Candidate Torossian in the second of his hosted, CD-7 Runoff Campaign Meet and Greet Events.
A view from within.
Meanwhile ........., we are hearing RUMORS of a pending BIG OIL MONICA outreach event, more later.

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