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Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Its ....., LA MUNICIPAL ELECTION DAY 2017!! Zzzzzzz ......

Its Municipal Election Day 2017 as the City Hall Establishment (with Propaganda help from the LA Times) seeks to beat back needed Development/Planning Reform via "YES ON MEASURE S", with a certain "Second Term-seeking MIA Mayor Gar-SOFT-ee" hoping for a resounding Re-election Victory. ** Plus some Election endorsements (or not) on specific Races. 
A corrupting configuration threatens to engulf City Hall.  
Still missing ....... along with current Crime Stats.
** Blogger's Notes: Its a BEAUTIFUL morning to start LA Municipal Election Day 2017 ....., and well, does ANYONE care? In areas such as CD-9, CD-5, CD-7 ......, and especially CD-1, the rebellion against the 200 Spring Street Establishment, could likely continue on to a replay in May. Less likely, would be a Mayoral Campaign Runoff where Second Term-seeking Mayor Eric Gar-SOFT-ee (or was it a 2009 Tony Villar Replay?), was MIA in defending his RECORD (or lack of) in any of the Candidate Debates/Forums. BUT, by far the MOST important item on today's Ballot is Measure S, which the City Hall Establishment (and LA Times), has spent MEGA-money in defeating. As always, we implore EVERYONE register to vote (not by Larry "Nativo" Lopez) ......, to exercise their RIGHT to do so----Scott Johnson.

** Endorsements (or NAUGHT):
Mayor: No Gar-SOFT-ee Second Term for someone likely not to focus on completing his last Term (and not reveal current CRIME STATS). Instead, choose from Mitchell Schwartz, David Hernandez, Eric Previn and even Zuma Dogg.
City Attorney: No Endorsement for the Law Enforcement-endangering, Co-author of AB-109 Mike Feuer.
City Controller: No Endorsement for Ron Galperin, who NEVER audited the CD-14 Central Los Angeles Refuge Transfer Station (CLARTS) Huizar Mistress whoops, Amenities Fund ........, and what about those DWP/IBEW Joint Non-Profit Accounts?
Council District 1:
Council District 3: Is "Two-Race Bob" running duo campaigns again?
Council District 5: Its time for a new CREED to replace the "Nanny Spud".
Council District 7: JUST SAY NO to "BIG OIL (and GAS) MONICA" Rodriguez ......, who sold her Political Soul to become the "Fresh Face" of the Northeast San Fernando Valley Democratic Machine.
Chevron's Face in CD-7.
Council District 9: Has the Election Day come when City Council President Herman "Mini Amin" Wesson's Act of Redistricting Self-Preservation, doomed the Re-election of Curren Price ........, and made Jorge Nuno the first CD-9 Latino Officeholder? 
Council District 11: Bonin for Re-election.
Council District 13: O'Farrell for Re-election.
Council District 15: The "Average Joe" is treading on becoming a "Status-Quo Establishment Politico (with Mayoral aspirations?)".
LAUSD School Board District Two: Vote for Lisa Alva ........, and help "Gordo Boo Boo" start her post-political career as "THE MEXICAN OPRAH (see below)".
LAUSD School Board District Four: Keep Zimmer (for now).
LAUSD School Board District Six: Help return Patty Lopez to Public Office.
LACCD Board of Trustees, Seat Two: ANYONE BUT .........., Staffer of Self-proclaimed "El State Senate Presidente Pro Tempore Kevin A. of Leon the First" Steve Veres.
LACCD Board of Trustee, Seat Four: Ernest Moreno.
LACCD Board of Trustee, Seat Six: PLEASE DO NOT VOTE for Southwest Museum Autry Art Thieves Enabler Gabriel "El Plan" Buelna.  




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